The Masonry Society (TMS) has a number of Committees to help the Society conduct business, help the industry reach consensus, and help our members learn and grow. Serving on a Committee can sometimes be challenging, but it is an excellent opportunity to learn and to contribute. And oftentimes it is fun and you gain friends for life!

TMS is governed by the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. In addition, TMS has two main groups of committees: Administrative Committees and Technical Committees. Administrative Committees report to the Administrative Committee Team (ACT) while Technical Committees report to the Technical Activities Committee (TAC). Both ACT and TAC report on the progress of the Committees directly to the Board of Directors.

Members and non-members of the Society can join most TMS committees. Use the link below to apply for a committee or download the application form.

Committees of The Masonry Society

Committee Tools & Resources

TMS Committees give people the opportunity to share their views and to express their opinions on issues under consideration through a consensus process. The rules and procedures of TMS Committees are outlined in the documents below: