TMS Refund Policy

Please review the Refund Policies shown below before returning a product to TMS. To return a product or exchange a download for a printed version, complete the form below and follow the instructions provided.

To cancel a meeting, seminar, or webinar registration please instead use the TMS Contact Form.

Publication Restocking and Return Policy

TMS sells a variety of printed publications, digital products, CD-ROMS, slide sets, and other resources. For the purposes of this policy, these products are generically classified as “publications” for simplicity. Publications may be returned to TMS within the requirements below provided they are not damaged and have not been removed from their original packaging (e.g. shrink wrap).

  • Refunds listed below shall not include shipping & handling fees.
  • Publications returned within 60 days of purchase shall be accepted and TMS shall refund the original price of the publications.
  • Publications returned after 60 days, but no more than 6 months, shall be accepted. However, a 15% restocking fee will be assessed.
  • Requests to return publications after 6 months will not be accepted unless approved by the Executive Director. Such returns will only be accepted if TMS continues to actively sell the publication and the Executive Director deems demand for the publication to be high enough. The 15% restocking fee shall also be applied to returns of orders more than 6 months old.
  • If the original invoice for the returned item has been paid in full, TMS shall issue a refund via check or credit card. The amount shall be the original purchase price of the returned items less the appropriate restocking fee as detailed above.
  • If the original invoice for the returned item has not yet been paid, TMS shall issue a credit for the returned item and apply it to the invoice. Shipping & handling and restocking fees shall not be refunded. As such, the customer may still owe a balance for the original order. TMS shall then issue the customer an invoice for the balance due.

Protected Download Product Refund Policy

Orders of protected download products may be returned and refunded within 5 business days from the time of purchase. During this time, download products can also be exchanged for a printed copy (if available) after paying the appropriate shipping & handling charges. After returning a protected download product, the customer’s license for that product will be revoked and the file will become inaccessible.

Masonry Standards Online Subscription Refund Policy

Subscriptions through Masonry Standards Online are eligible for refunds up to 4 weeks after the original purchase date.

Event Registration Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be submitted via e-mail to or by calling the TMS office at 303-939-9700. Cancellation requests will be accepted without penalty up to 10 business days prior to the event. Cancellation requests received between 3 and 10 business days prior to the event will be refunded in full less a $75 administrative fee AND any publications included with the registration will not be sent. No refunds will be given for cancellations received 3 days prior to the event or for “no shows”. Publications and handouts will be sent upon request.

Membership Cancellation/Refund Policy

Membership dues are not refundable upon membership termination. Members receive immediate access to membership benefits when paying membership dues online via credit card. Benefits include a 25% discounts on TMS publications and event registrations and complimentary electronic access to TMS Journal and TMS Responds. New members also receive a printed copy of the most recent TMS Journal with their New Member packet.

If your membership was purchased in error, please submit your refund request to The Masonry Society within one business day. The purchase may be eligible for a refund, minus the current non-member rates for any membership benefits used. Such requests must be submitted directly to the Executive Director in writing via email or online using this form.

Policy Last Updated: April 13, 2023