The Masonry Society is a professional society, with a small membership and fewer than five staff. While we do our best to respond to requests and inquiries as soon as possible, please be patient. If staff is out of the office, it may take several days for us to see your message and respond.

Technical inquiries are often forwarded to TMS Members with relevant knowledge. As such, these messages may require additional time. If you need a more prompt response, you may wish to contact industry partners such as our Sustaining and Affiliate Members.

Help with Orders

Modify or cancel an order

Contact TMS immediately (within 30 minutes on weekdays or before Monday at 10 AM ET on weekends) at or 303-939-9700 if you need to modify a shipping address or cancel an order. We try to fulfill orders as soon as possible and can’t guarantee changes requested later than that.

Technical Inquiries

TMS does not have employees that can answer technical inquiries, but TMS Members often volunteer their time to help answer these types of questions. While members are typically able to respond in 1-3 days, please allow additional time for responses to technical questions.

General Inquiries

The Masonry Society is a small professional society with few staff. We respond to most inquiries within 1-2 business days but responses may take longer during meetings, conferences, and holidays.

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