Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors of The Masonry Society approved the following vision, mission and goals for the Society at its October 2016 Meeting. Objectives are now being considered under each goal.


A world where masonry continues as the system of choice for a sustainable built environment


To advance masonry knowledge, its development and application.


  • Collaborate with and engage the global masonry community.
  • Aggregate and expand masonry information.
  • Provide education and disseminate knowledge
  • Sustain and advance a vibrant Society

During their June 2019 Meetings, the Executive Committee proposed, and TMS’s Board of Directors accepted the following objectives under each of the Goals above.

Goal: Collaborate with and engage the global masonry community (G1)

  • Objective: Maintain as the prime access point for online engagement for members and non-members alike (G1.1)
  • Objective: Participate in key masonry community activities (G1.2)
  • Objective: Develop strategic partnerships beneficial to masonry community collaboration (G1.3)

Goal: Aggregate and expand masonry information (G2)

  • Objective: Maintain and advance masonry standards (G2.1)
  • Objective: Develop supporting resources to increase the exposure and use of the Society masonry information (G2.2)
  • Objective: Create and maintain online masonry knowledge (G2.3)

Goal: Provide Education and Disseminate Knowledge (G3)

  • Objective: Provide seminars, webinars and other opportunities to increase the Society‚Äôs educational outreach (G3.1)
  • Objective: Increase the Society offerings on (G3.2)
  • Objective: Support masonry related university education efforts (G3.3)
  • Objective: Appropriately disseminate masonry research findings (G3.4)

Goal: Sustain and advance a vibrant Society (G4)

  • Objective: Promote and increase membership participation at Society functions (G4.1)
  • Objective: Attract new members with value-added opportunities (G4.2)
  • Objective: Forecast future projects and resource needs which should improve the financial health of the Society in support of the Strategic Plan (G4.3)

Each year, The Masonry Society’s Board of Directors identifies a number of priority tasks and activities that help meet each objective so that the goals and mission of the Society are furthered.