Previously Recorded Webinars

Previously recorded webinars are listed below and available through the Masonry Education Hub. Many Masonry Education Hub courses provide certificates of attendance. AIA registered courses require completion of a short quiz.

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#TopicPresenter(s)Date RecordedPart of Webinar SeriesFree to MembersOn-Demand AIA Credit
1Masonry 101 - Introduction to MasonryW. Mark McGinley2020-10-21Masonry 101 #11 LU
2Masonry 101 - Introduction to Masonry UnitsChristine Subasic2020-10-28Masonry 101 #21 LU
3Masonry 101 - MortarJamie Farny2020-11-04Masonry 101 #31 LU
4Masonry 101 - Reinforcement and AnchorsRichard Bennett2020-11-11Masonry 101 #41 LU
5Masonry 101 - GroutJamie Farny2020-11-18Masonry 101 #51 LU
6Masonry 101 - Masonry AssembliesW. Mark McGinley2020-11-24Masonry 101 #61 LU
7Introduction to Strength Design of Masonry and Design MethodologiesJohn Hochwalt2021-02-03Strength Design of Masonry #11 LU
8Strength Design of BeamsRichard Bennett2021-02-10Strength Design of Masonry #21 LU
9Strength Design of Walls for Axial Load and Out-of-Plane LoadsRichard Bennett2021-02-17Strength Design of Masonry #31 LU
10Strength Design of Walls for In-Plane Loads & Seismic DetailingJohn Hochwalt2021-02-24Strength Design of Masonry #41 LU
11Strength Design of Columns and Pilasters & System BehaviorJohn Hochwalt2021-03-03Strength Design of Masonry #51 LU
12Strength Design Requirements for Reinforcement & ConnectorsRichard Bennett2021-03-10Strength Design of Masonry #61 LU
13Strength Design of MasonryRichard Bennett2017-10-12Yes
14Design of Masonry Shear WallsRichard Bennett2018-05-10Yes
15Rational Design of Masonry Veneers and Shelf Angle SupportsW. Mark McGinley2019-01-10Yes
16Design of Movement and Control Joints for MasonrySam Rubenzer2018-11-08Yes
17Lintels in Masonry WallsCathleen Jacinto2019-05-15
18Anchor Bolt DesignRichard Bennett & Luke Scoggins2018-03-08Yes
19Stone Anchoring SolutionsScott W. Walkowicz2020-02-13
20Balanced Fire Safety Design & Resilient Masonry Fire WallsKevin Cavanaugh2021-09-081 LU
21Achieving Resilience – How Masonry Supports Resilient DesignsChristine Subasic2021-11-09
22What's New in LEED v4.1 - A Focus on MasonryChristine Subasic2020-04-09
23An Overview of the Role of Masonry in Sustainable Design and LEED v4Christine Subasic2018-02-08Yes
24Exterior Masonry Walls and Energy Code ComplianceW. Mark McGinley2017-11-09Yes
25TMS 402/602-16 Code and Specification UpdateRichard Bennett2017-03-08Yes
26Structural Masonry Detailing: Confined Lap SplicesEd Huston2020-09-10
27Specifying the Right Mortar and Grout for your ProjectsJamie Farny2018-10-11Yes
28Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing of MasonryMichael Schuller2017-12-14Yes
29Masonry Testing 101Nicholas Lang2018-04-12Yes
30Masonry Facade Inspections - Best Practices and TipsPamela Jergenson & Michael Schuller2018-12-13Yes
31Special Inspection of Structural MasonryJohn Chrysler2018-01-11Yes
32Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Introduction to Special InspectionPhillip Samblanet2019-09-05Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #1
33Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Introduction to Masonry UnitsJohn Chrysler2019-09-12Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #2
34Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Reinforcement and ConnectorsPhillip Samblanet2019-09-19Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #3
35Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Mortar and Mortar MixingJamie Farny2019-09-26Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #4
36Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - GroutJamie Farny2019-10-03Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #5
37Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Basic Masonry ConstructionJohn Chrysler2019-10-10Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #6
38Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Reinforcing and GroutingPhillip Samblanet2019-10-17Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #7
39Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - Hot and Cold Weather ConstructionJamie Farny2019-10-24Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #8
40Special Inspection of Structural Masonry - TestingJohn Chrysler2019-10-31Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #9
41EleMasonry: Design Software for Masonry Elements (Free Webinar)Russ Peterson2020-10-13
42Direct Design Software for Masonry Structures (Free Webinar)Jason Thompson2020-12-10
43Masonry Info 101 - Where to Find Good Information on Masonry (Free Webinar)Phillip Samblanet2020-05-07