Technical Activities Committee (TAC)


Paul G. Scott (Term Ends 2023)

Committee Members

Craig V. Baltimore (TE2025)

Richard B. Crooks (TE2025)

Manuel A. Diaz (TE2025)

Matthew C. Farmer (TE2025)

Cortney Fried (TE2024)

Robert C. Haukohl (TE2025)

Ronald J. Hunsicker (TE2023)

Pamela C. Jergenson (TE2023)

Phillip J. Samblanet (Advisory)


Direct, coordinate and review all technical activities of the Society.


Assure that the TMS technical committees operate in an effective and coordinated manner.


Oversee the operation of the technical committees, including ad hoc technical committees. Review and approve the work of the technical committees prior to submission to the Board of Directors. Develop and maintain standard operational procedures under which the technical committees shall operate. Establish procedures for interaction with other professional organizations on technical matters.

Technical Committee Operations Manual (TCOM)

Updated: October 18, 2015

Technical Committee Operations Manual (TCOM)