John B. Scalzi Research Award


This award, named after Dr. John Scalzi of the National Science Foundation, is presented annually by The Masonry Society to honor an individual who has made an outstanding, lifetime contribution to masonry research.

TMS is accepting nominations for the Scalzi Research Award. To nominate someone for the award, please send a brief statement of why the candidate should be considered along with the candidate’s resume summarizing their contributions to masonry research to: Nominations are due by June 30th each year.

This award is presented annually at The Masonry Society’s Annual Meeting.


John B. Scalzi

John B. ScalziRecognizing his leadership in innovative and creative masonry research, The Masonry Society created the John B. Scalzi Research Award to honor the work of Dr. Scalzi, and other researchers who demonstrate excellence in masonry research activities.

During his productive and influential career, Dr. John B. Scalzi served in many roles, although he is probably most well known for his contributions as the Program Director of Systems Engineering for Large Structures at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Earlier in his career, he was the program director of the Earthquake Engineering Section of NSF, and he worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – Research Technology Division. He also served as Director of Marketing Technical Services for the United States Steel Corporation, was a Professor at Case- Western Preserve University and was a design engineer for the Curtis Wright Corporation.

While in the Earthquake Engineering Section of NSF, he perceived the need for research on structural masonry, and he initiated such work in the 1970’s. Moreover, he stimulated research on masonry through masonry workshops and through the funding of numerous masonry research projects, including providing significant financial support for the U.S. Coordinated Program for Masonry Building Research. His goal was to identify masonry research needs and then to accelerate the development of new and innovative masonry materials, construction methods and design techniques. In addition, because he recognized the deterioration of the nation’s infrastructure in the late 1970’s, he encouraged the development of evaluation and retrofit technologies. Likewise he also stimulated research in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of masonry in the 1980’s.

Dr. Scalzi passed away in 2006 after a distinguished career in which he accomplished much to better the building industry.

Recipient Summary

2021: Durgesh C. Rai

2020: Nebojsa Mojsilovic

2019: Michael Griffith

2018: Antonio Nanni

2017: Amde M. Amde

2016: Wael El-Dakhakhni 

2015: Michael P. Schuller

2014: Richard M. Bennett

2013: Wolfram Jäger

2012: W. Mark McGinley

2011: Jason M. Ingham

2010: Paulo Lorenco

2009: P. Benson Shing

2008: David I. McLean

2007: Arturo Schultz

2006: Max L. Porter

2005: Miha Tomazevic

2004: Ahmad A. Hamid

2003: John L. Dawe

2002: Luigia Binda

2001: Adrian Page

2000: Nigel Shrive

1999: Richard E. Klingner

1998: Nigel M.J. Priestley

1997: Daniel P. Abrams

1996: Richard H. Atkinson

1995: Russell H. Brown

1994: Arnold Hendry

1993: Clare B. Monk

1992: Robert G. Drysdale

1991: James L. Noland

1990: John B. Scalzi

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