Service Award


The Masonry Society’s Service Award is presented annually to an individual who has volunteered in special, and typically unseen, ways to assist the Society. The intent of the award is to recognize those who continually assist the Society, but who are not normally recognized for their efforts. The Award is officially selected by the Awards Committee based on recommendations from TMS members and the Executive Director within the requirements listed below.

Nominations are due on June 30th of each year. Up to three (3) Service Awards can be presented in a year.

An individual can receive the TMS Service Award multiple times and there is no maximum number of awards the individual may win. However, the basis for each award must be unique and independent of past contributions that may have already been recognized.


Nominations and evaluation of those nominations shall be based on the following non-inclusive considerations:

  • for those individuals who provide distinguished volunteer services to advance the mission and goals of the Society
  • for those individuals who render services unseen by others
  • for activities that have not been formally recognized by the Society through other awards or recognitions
  • for those individuals who provide service that is not associated with a prominent position within the Society
  • for those individuals who are members or non-members of TMS

Recipient Summary

2023 Service Awards
2022 Service Awards
2021 Service Award
2020 Service Award
  2019 Service Award
2018 Service Award
  • Ronald J. Hunsicker

  2017 Service Award
  • Charles Haynes
  • Paul Scott

  2016 Service Award
  • Pamela Jergenson
  • Jason Thompson
  • Diane Throop

2015 Service Award
  • Russ Peterson

2014 Service Award
  • Atkinson-Noland and Associates
  • Luis Dominguiz
  • Nick Lang

2013 Service Award
  • John Chrysler
  • Dennis Graber
  • Bill McEwen

2012 Service Award
  • Janet L. Boyer
  • Raymond T. Miller
  • John E. Swink

2011 Service Award
  • Richard M. Bennett
  • Thomas C. Young

2010 Service Award
  • Andy Dalrymple
  • James Farny
  • Thomas Samblanet

2009 Service Award
  • Edwin T. Huston
  • Richard E. Klingner
  • Christine A. Subasic

2008 Service Award
  • Benchmark Harris
  • Paul Hoggat
  • W. Mark McGinley

2007 Service Award
  • Linda Miller
  • Terence A. Weigel
  • William A. Wood

2006 Service Award
  • Thomas Escobar
  • Jason J. Thompson

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