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The Masonry Society Journal is an open forum for the presentation and discussion of masonry research and, as such, welcomes papers related to the masonry field. All material submitted for publication will be reviewed according to TMS Journal policy, a description of which appears at the end of each issue. All technical materials appearing in the Journal may be discussed, and discussion of papers will be published along with the author’s replies.

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Listing of Past TMS Journals

Vol. 1, No. 1, January-June 1981

  • Prelaid Masonry Panels on Multi-story Buildings, K. Bailey
  • Yugoslavian Research Conference on Earthquake Engineering, J. E. Amrhein
  • Glossary of Masonry Terms
  • A Practical Methodology for the Design of Masonry Walls, J. Colville
  • Effect of the Aspect Ratio of the Unit on Flexural Tensile Strength of Brick Masonry, A. Hamid
  • Modern Masonry Structures and Their Weather Resistance, P. T. Mikluchin

Vol. 1, No. 2, July-December 1981

  • Slender Walls Research Program by California Structural Engineers, J.E. Amrhein
  • Distribution of Lateral Forces in Multistory Masonry Shear Wall Systems, L. Cerny and C. Baldridge
  • Analysis of the Diametral Masonry Core Shear Test Specimen, R. H. Atkinson
  • Torsional Strength of Brick Masonry Joints, A. A. Hamid and M. E. Tate
  • Ductility of Unconfined and Confined Concrete Masonry Shear Walls, M. J. N. Priestly

Vol. 2, No. 1, January-June 1982

  • A Truly Heavy Hobby, R. P. Anjaro, SR.
  • Measured Earthquake Response of a Concrete Block Masonry Shear Wall Building, G. C. Hart and S. C. Huang

Vol. 2, No. 2, January-June 1983

  • Behavior of Hollow Concrete Masonry Prisms Under Axial Load and Bending, I. J. Besica and H.G. Harris
  • Measurment of the Creep Strain Distribution in an Axially Loaded Brickwork Wall, D. Warren and D. Lenczner

Vol. 2, No. 3, July-December 1983

  • Variability of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Beam Strength in Flexure and Shear, H. Keller and G.T. Suter
  • Behavior of Floor-to-Wall Connections in Concrete Masonry Buildings, A. Anuar, S.K. Arya and G.A. Hegemier
  • An Earthquake Design Equation for Shear Walls in Shear, G.C. Hart, S.C. Huang, R.E. Englekirk, and S. Dow

Vol. 3, No. 1, January-June 1984

  • An Overview of Research Projects on Strengthening Masonry Buildings in the United States, J. B. Scalzi
  • ASTM Standards for the Masonry Industry, J. Heslip
  • Nonparametric Tests of Energy Consumption in Brick Frame Residences, J. Dituri, R. E. Turley and W. J. Kennedy
  • Failure of Acrylic Paint and Sealers over Stone and Brick Masonry, S. L. Marusin

Vol. 3, No. 2, July-December 1984

  • Long Beach 1333 – Coalinga 1983 But with a Difference, J. E. Amrhein and J. A. Giron
  • Hurricane Alicia Tests Materials in Materials in Houston’s Skyline, J. G. Borchelt and F.S. Pongette
  • Investigation of the Interface between Brick and Mortar, G. W. Chase
  • Effect of Grouting on the Flexural Tensile Strength of Concrete Block Masonry, R. G. Drysdale and A.A. Hamid

Vol. 4, No. 1, January-June 1985

  • Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Moment-Resisting Frames, M. J. N. Priestly and C. Yuk Han
  • Bond Characteristics of Sand-Molded Brick Masonry, A. A. Hamid

Vol. 4, No. 2, July-December 1985

  • Masonry 1990 – An Australian Seminar on Research Needs, J. C. Scrivener
  • Mexico Earthquakes – September 1985, J. E. Amrhein, J. Anderson and V. Robles
  • A History of Reinforced Masonry Construction Designed to Resist Earthquakes: 1755-1907, S. Tobriner

Vol. 5, No. 1, January-June 1986

  • U.S.  PRC Workshop on Seismic Design of Masonry Structures, D. Abrams
  • First U.S. – Italy Workshop on Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Masonry Structures, J. Noland
  • Bond Iron and the Birth of Anti Seismic Reinforced Masonry Construction in San Francisco, S. Tobriner
  • Effloresence: Cause and Control, M. Merrigan
  • Wind Loading Mechanisms on Masonry Construction, K. Mehta and J. Minor
  • Dynamic Thermal Analysis of Masonry Wall Systems, A, Hamid and C. Tansler

Vol. 5, No. 2, July-December 1986

  • Optimum High Lime Mortar Mixes for the Pacific Northwest, J. Mendes
  • Flexural Strength of Rectangular Unconfined Masonry Shear Walls with Distributed Reinforcement, M.J.N. Priestley
  • Applied Stress Equations – Walls with Axial Load Combined with Bending Moment, J.G. Tawresey
  • Limit State Strength Design Criteria for One to Four Story Reinforced Concrete Masonry Buildings, G.C. Hart, R.E. Englekirk and T.A. Sabol
  • Stress Distributions in Hollow Masonry Due to Concentrated Loading, K.W. Simbeya, A.E. McMullen, E.L. Jessop, and N.G. Shrive

Vol. 6, No. 1, January-June 1987

  • Research-At What Price?, J.B. Scalzi
  • Effect of Long Term Deformations on Brick Masonry: A Nonlinear Analysis, E.M.F. Naguib and G.T. Suter
  • Bond Stress Slip in Masonry Reinforced with Spliced Reinforcement, Z. Soric and L.G. Tulin
  • Universal Elastic Flexural Design Technique for Reinforced Masonry, J.E. Amrhein

Vol. 6, No. 2, July-December 1987

  • A Review of the U.S. Coordinated Program for Masonry Building Research, J.L. Noland
  • Could Masonry Wall Design Codes Be Improved?, R.F. Campbell, Sr.
  • The Japanese 5 Story Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Masonry Test – Design and Construction of the Test Specimen, F. Seible, T. Okada, Y. Yamazaki, and M. Teshigawara
  • The Japanese 5 Story Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Masonry Test – Loading and Instrumentation of the Test Building, F. Seible, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kaminosono, and M. Teshigawara
  • Masonry Panel Wall Design, C.T. Grimm
  • Technical Note: Concentrated Loads on Hollow Masonry-Load Dispersion Through Bond Beams, A.W. Page and N.G. Shrive

Vol. 7, No. 1, January-June 1988

  • The Japanese 5 Story Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Masonry Test – Forced Vibration and Cyclic Load Test Results, Y. Yamazaki, F. Seible, H. Mizuna, T. Kaminosono, and M. Teshigawara
  • Dynamic and Static Testing of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Structures, D. Abrams
  • Characterization of Mortars and Plasters from Ancient Monuments of Milan (Italy), G. Baronio and L. Binda

Vol. 7, No. 2, July-December 1988

  • The Japanese 5 Story Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Masonry Test – Pseudo Dynamic and Ultimate Load Test Results, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kaminosono, M. Teshigawara, and F. Seible
  • The Use of Confinement Steel to Increase the Ductility in Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls, G. Hart, J. Noland, G. Kingsley, R. Englekirk, and N, Sajjad
  • Cost Differences Among Fire Separations in Multiunit Residential Buildings, R.I. Carr

Vol. 8, No. 1, January-June 1989

  • Survey into Motives for Choosing Reinforced Concrete over Loadbearing Masonry for Residential Buildings, K. Medallah
  • Probable Performance of Reinforced Masonry Shearwalls Conforming to Current Seismic Requirements, J. Kariotis and A. M. El-Mustapha
  • Residential Basement Walls: Problems and Solutions, D. R. Eimer and D.D. Bell
  • Analytical Stress-Strain Curves for Grouted Concrete Masonry, G.C. Hart, N. Sajjad, G.R. Kingsley and J.L. Noland

Vol. 8, No. 2, July-December 1989

  • Engineered Aseismic Masonry Veneers, D. Allen
  • Effect of Properties of Steel on the Flexural Behavior of Joint Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls, A. A. Hamid and C. Chai-Calabria
  • Limit States Design Criteria for Minimum Flexural Steel in Concrete Masonry Beams, G.C. Hart
  • Ultimate Strength Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls, R.L. Heeringa and D. I. McLean
  • Masonry P-M Diagrams Made Easy, J. G. Tawresey

Vol. 9, No. 1, August 1990

  • Research and Innovation, One and the Same, J.B. Scalzi
  • Seismic Response of T-Section Masonry Shear Walls, M.J.N. Priestly and H. Limin
  • Masonry Structures in the Chilean Earthquake of March 3, 1985: Behavior and Correlation with Analysis, R.E. Klingner, R. Villablanca, M. Blondet, and R.L. Mayes
  • The Influence of Structural Layout and Reinforcement on the Seismic Behavior of Masonry Buildings: An Experimental Study, M. Tomazevic, C. Modena, T. Velechovsky, and P. Weiss
  • Investigations of the Collapse of a Medieval Masonry Tower, G.M. Calvi and M.J.N. Priestley
  • Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Wall Structures – Monotonic Loading, , F. Seible, H.L. LaRovere, and G.R. Kingsley
  • Masonry Flexural Strength vs. Course Height, C.T. Grimm
  • Results of a Statistical Study of Masonry Deformability, R.H. Atkinson and G.G. Yan
  • Masonry Conversion Factors, S.R. Sanders and H.R. Thomas
  • An Alternative Test for Determining the Frost Resistance of Bricks, M.R. Arnott and A.H.P. Maurenbrecher

Vol. 9, No. 2, February 1991

  • Flexural Bond Strength of Concrete Masonry Prisms using Portland Cement and Hydrated Lime Mortars, E.G. Hedstrom, K.M. Tarhini, R.D. Thomas, V.S. Dubovoy, R.E. Klingner, and R.A. Cook
  • Seismic Design of Ductile Masonry Walls, G.C. Hart
  • Design and Testing of Masonry Slab System, A. Nanni and L.F. Geschwinder
  • Behaviour of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Subjected to Earthquakes, M. Qamaruddin and B. Chandra
  • A Test Program to Determine the Structural Properties of Unreinforced Hollow Clay Tile Masonry Walls at the DOE Oak Ridge Plants, K.E. Fricke and W.D. Jones
  • Flexural Bond Strength of Masonry: An Experimental Review, S.K. Ghosh
  • Friction at Supports of Clay Brick Walls, W.M. McGinley and J.G. Borchelt
  • Failure Criterion for Laterally Loaded Masonry Walls, R. Guggisberg and B. Thorlimann\Compressive Strength of Hollow Concrete Masonry, J. Colville and A.M. Wolde-Tinsae

Vol. 10, No. 1, August 1991

  • An Overview of Prestressed Masonry, A.E. Schultz and M.J. Scolforo
  • Present and Future Techniques for Nondestructive Evaluation of Masonry Structures, D.P. Abrams and J.H. Matthys
  • Cyclic Behavior of Joint Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls, A.A. Hamid, C. Chia-Calabria, and H.G. Harris
  • Distribution of Shear Forces in Walls having Openings, J.E. Saliba and A.J. Sexton
  • Flexural Strength of Masonry with Reference to a New Code of Practice for Europe (Eurocode 6), C. Fudge, N. Bright, and A Ohler
  • A Limit State Design Criteria for Masonry, G.C. Hart
  • Prestressed Clay Brickwork Bridge Abutments, S.W. Garrity and T.G. Garwood
  • Bricks for Future Lunar Structures, I.C. Dialer
  • Effect of Loading Platen Thickness on Masonry Unit and Prism Strengths, R.H. Atkinson
  • U.S. Coordinated Progam for Masonry Building Research: Sixth Year Status, J.L. Noland

Vol. 10, No. 2, February 1992

  • What is Wrong with Brick Masonry Veneer over Steel Studs?, C.T. Grimm
  • Expected Value Wall Performance, G.C. Hart
  • Engineering Design Provisions for Prestressed Masonry, Part 1 – Masonry Stresses, and Part 2 – Steel Stresses and other
  • Considerations, A.E. Schultz and M.J. Scolforo
  • The Effect of Slenderness and End Restraint on the Behavior of Masonry Prisms – A Literature Review, G.R. Kingsley, J.L. Noland and M.P. Schuller
  • Computer Program for Analysis of Masonry Shear Walls, A. Nanni and J.S. Juwana
  • Evaluating Lateral Strength of Existing Unreinforced Brick Piers in the Laboratory, G.S. Epperson and D.P. Abrams
  • Relationship of Earthquake Damage of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls to the Frequency of the Ground Motion, J.C. Kariotis, M.A. Rahman, and A.M. El-Mustapha
  • Seismic Isolation and Analysis of the Salt Lake City and County Building, R.L. Mayes, B.I. Sveinsson, and L.R. Jones

Vol. 11, No. 1, August 1992

  • Service Load Design Equations for Unreinforced Masonry Construction, J. Colville
  • Thermal Stresses in Composite Masonry Walls, M.A. Rahman and S.C. Anand
  • A Proposed Seismic Design Approach for Masonry Shear Walls incorporating Foundation Uplift, D.K. Nakaki and G.C. Hart
  • Splitting Tensile and Compressive Strength Relationship of Concrete Paving Blocks, N. Ghafoori, and D. R. Smith
  • State-of-the-Art of Concrete Masonry Units, M.K. Tadros, G.L. Krause, B.Amiri and Steve Sweeney
  • Stability of Hollow Masonry Walls, J. Colville
  • Compressive Strength of Partially Grouted Concrete Masonry Using Small Scale Wall Elements, A.A. Hamid and S.R. Des. Chandrakeerthy
  • Old Research on Masonry Bond, H.C. Fischer
  • Statistical Requirements for Masonry Testing, R.H. Atkinson

Vol. 11, No. 2, February 1993

  • Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls under Combined Axial and Flexural Loading, R.A. McLain, D.I. McLean, and T.L. McLain
  • The Time-Dependent Behaviour of Masonry Prisms: An Interpretaion, L. Binda and A. Anzani
  • Performance of Concrete Masonry Beams, G.C. Hart and J.J.E. Jang
  • Structural Reliability Analysis of Concrete Masonry Beams, G.C. Hart and J.J.E. jang
  • Clay Brickwork – An Alternative Material for New Highway Structures, S.W. Garrity
  • Quality Assessment of Concrete Paving Blocks Using Non-Destructive Measurements of Early-Age Properties, N. Ghafoori and D.R. Smith
  • Influence of Confining Steel on Flexural Rsponse of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls, P.B. Shing, E.W. Carter and J.L. Noland
  • Flexural Strength of Masonry with Reference to a New Code of Practice for Europe (Eurocode 6), C. Fudge, N. Bright, and A. Ohler

Vol. 12, No. 1, August 1993

  • Masonry Veneer Anchors and Cavity Wall Ties, C.T. Grimm
  • Flexural Behavior and Strength of Reinforced Masonry Walls Built with Masonry Cement Mortar, B.E. Abboud, A. Hamid and H.G. Harris
  • A Structural Component Model for Masonry Flexural Walls, Gary C. Hart and J.W. Jaw
  • The Effect of Reinforcement on the Shear Response of Grouted Concrete Masonry, M.M Khattab and R.G. Drysdale
  • Transverse Strength of Damaged URM Infills, D.P. Abrams, R. Angel, and J. Uzarski
  • Preliminary Results from the TCCMAR 5-Story Full-Scale Reinforced Masonry Research Building Test, F. Seible, G. Hegemier, N. Priestley, G. Kingsley, A. Igarashi, and A. Kirkchbasche
  • Evaluation of Shear Strength of Reinforced Masonry Walls, P.B. Shing, J.D. Brunner and H.R. Lotfi
  • The Seismic Resistance of Historical Urban Buildings and the Interventions in Their Floor Systems: An Experimental Study, M. Tomasevic, M. Lutman, and P.WeissMortar Tensile/Compressive Strength Ratio, C.T. Grimm

Vol. 12, No. 2, February 1994

  • Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Beams Without Web Reinforcement, S.M. Fereig
  • Shape Optimization of an Ultra-Lightweight CMU, M.A. Khalifa, M.K. Tadros, S.G. Low, and A.E. Magzoub
  • Seismic Resistance of Brick-Infilled Steel Frames With and Without Retrofit, J.B. Mander and B. Nair
  • Effects of Time-Dependent Deformations on the Behavior of Reinforced Masonry Columns, H. Ben-Omran, J.I. Glanville, and M.A. Hatzinikolas
  • State-of-the-Art of Masonry Retaining Walls, R.K. Devalapura, G.L. Krause, and M.K. Tadros
  • Masonry Lintels – Shear Failure Analysis, Z. Soric
  • Nonlinear Models for Shear Failure in Confined Masonry Walls, M.O. Moroni, M. Astroza, and S. Tavonatti
  • Behavior of Unreinforced Masonry Structures during the 1992 Erzincan Turkey, Earthquake, M. Bruneau and M Saatcioglu
  • Effect of the Time of Application of Curing Membranes on Mortar Properties, M.A. Amjad and S.H. Srour
    Delamination of Masonry Pavements, C.T. Grimm
  • Masonry Keywords, C.T. Grimm

Vol. 13, No. 1, August 1994

  • Behavior and Design of Multi-Story Masonry Walls Under In-Plane Seismic Loading, G. Leiva and R.E. Klingner
  • Influence of Curing Types and Age on Bulk and Surface Properties of Concrete Paving Blocks, N. Ghafoori and B.M Sukandur
  • Probabilities, Safety Factors, and Limit State Design, J.C. Kariotis
  • Aseismic Strengthening of Historical Stone-Masonry Buildings by Building-Friendly Technologies, M. Tomasevic, V Apih, and M. Lutman
  • Finite Block Analysis of Masonry Arches, J.M. Gebara and A.D. Pan
  • Performance of Structures During the Oct. 12, 1992 Cairo Earthquake, A.A. Rahman and K.M. Yousri
  • How to Look at a Brick Wall, C.T. Grimm

Vol. 13, No. 2, February 1995

  • Preliminary Results of the Influence of Shear Connected Wythes on the Ability of Cavity Walls to Carry Vertical Loads, A. Goyal, M.A. Hatzinikolas, and A.E. Elwi
  • Lap Splices in Flexurally Loaded Masonry Walls, J.D. Blake, M.L. Marsh, and D.I. McLean
  • Evaluation of the Flatjack Test of Brick Masonry, L.F. Kahn and S.E. Turner
  • Flexural Bond Strength of Clay Brick Masonry, S.L. Wood
  • Evaluation of the Compressive Strength of Masonry by Prism Sampling, R.D. Thomas and M.J. Scolforo
  • Test Program on the Seismic Behavior of Confined Masonry Structures, S.M. Alcocer and R. Meli
  • Effect of Mortar Shrinkage on In-Plane Stresses in Clay Brickwork, D.P. Abrams
  • Use of Masonry as a Building Material in the Arabian Gulf Region, A.A. Hamid
  • Masonry Cavity Walls: A Bibliography, C.T. Grimm

Vol. 14, No. 1, August 1996

  • Masonry Throughout History, C.T. Grimm
  • Structural Response to Bomb Blasts, M.A. Amjad
  • A Study of Masonry Arch Bridges Using Finite Element Analysis, N.G. Gong, B.S. Choo, and M.G. Coutie
  • Strengthening of Hollow Block Masonry Basement Walls with Plastic Reinforcing Bars, A.A. Hamid
  • Effects of Horizontal Confinement on the Behavior of Ancient Masonry Towers, G. Ballio and G.M. Calvi
  • Minimum Horizontal Reinforcement Requirements for Seismic Design of Masonry Walls, A.E. Schultz
  • Shear Strength of Reinforced Masonry Walls, J.D. Brunner and P.B. Shing
  • The Significance of the Gauging System in the Flatjack In-Situ Test, P. Ronca
  • Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls, A. Madan, A.M. Reinhorn, and J.B. Mander
  • Development and Testing of Prestressed Clay Brick Walls, R.K. Devalapura, G.L. Krause, and M.K. Tadros

Vol. 14, No. 2, December 1996

  • Use of Finite Element in Masonry Structures, J.E. Saliba, R.S. Al-Akkad, and G. Sawaya
  • Insulated Concrete Masonry: Theoretical R. Values, T.A. Holm
  • Effect of Mortar Air Content on Masonry, C.T. Grimm
  • Deterioration of Masonry Surfaces and Surfaces Treatments, L. Binda, P. Rocca, and T. Squarcina
  • Development of Plastic-Reinforced Wall Ties, J.Q. Burndette, A.A. Hamid, and J. Larralde
  • The Strength of Hollow Masonry Walls Under Concentrated Vertical Loads, P.W. Kleemon, N. DeVitis, and A.W. Page
  • Behavior of Unreinforced Brick Masonry under Lateral Cyclic Loading, Y. Zhuge, J. Corderoy, and D. Thambiratnam
  • Seismic Retrofitting of URM Walls with Fiber Composites, M.R. Ehsami and H. Saadatmanesh

Vol. 15, No. 1, June 1997

  • Fontana’s Re-Erection of the Obelisk at Saint Peter’s Basilica, C.T. Grimm
  • Concentrically and Eccentrically Loaded Concrete Masonry Prisms, F. Khalaf
  • Historical Development of Brick Size and Nomenclature, C.T. Grimm
  • Material Model for Concrete and Clay Masonry, A. Hamid
  • Waste Thermoplastic in Concrete Masonry, M.J. Gawedzinski and D.N. Richardson
  • Waste Materials in Brick Manufacturing, E. Ramadan, A.M. Made, and J. Colville
  • Deicing Salt Resistance of Concrete Block Pavers, N. Ghafoori and R. Mathis
  • Non destructive Evaluation of Masonry Structures using the Impact-Echo Method, T.J. Williams, M. Sansalone, W.B. Streett, R.W. Poston, and A.R. Whitlock
  • Performance Assessment of Concrete Masonry Wall Buildings using Monte Carlo Simulation, G.T. Zorapapel, G.C. Hart, and D.M. Frangopol

Vol. 15, No. 2, December 1997

  • Brick in Renaissance Architecture, C.T. Grimm
  • Design Criteria and References for Masonry Cavity Walls, C.T. Grimm
  • Shear Strength of Masonry Bed Joints, F.M. Khalaf and M.W. Naysmith
  • Response of Sand-Lime Mortar Joints to Variable Eccentric Thrust, T.E. Boothby
  • Evaluation and Analytical Verification of Shaking Table Data from Infilled Frames, R.E. Klingner, N.R. Rubiano, T.R. Bashandy, and S.C. Sweeney
  • Experimental Study of Reinforced Masonry Using Slop-Molded Bricks, P. Walker
  • Compressive Behavior of Insulated Concrete Masonry Prisms, S.W. Hawk, D.I. McLean, and T.C. Young
  • Flexural and Shear Behavior of Insulated Concrete Masonry Walls, S.W. Hawk, D.I. McLean, and T.C. Young
  • Masonry Foundation Wall Systems Under Combined Uplift and Shear Forces, W.M. McGinley and M.J. Scolforo

Vol. 16, No. 1, June 1998

  • Effect of Capping Technique on Observed Compressive Strength of Facing Brick, L.K. Crouch, J.F. Brogdon, R.C. Henderson, and D. Lanham
  • Masonry Performance Criteria, C.T. Grimm
  • Gypsum Morat in Historic Structures, R.A. Livingston, A.M. Made, and A. Chaturbahai
  • Evaluation of Seismic and Wind Resistance of a Low-Rise Masonry Building, N.K. Kristeva and S.D. Schiff
  • Structural Performance of Residential Chimneys in Earthquakes, M.J. Scolforo, J. Chrysler, and J.E. Amrhein
  • Waste Materials in Block Manufacturing, E. Ramadan, A.M. Made, and J. Colville
  • Microwave Noninvasive Detection of Grout in Masonry, K.J. Bois, H. Campbell, A. Benally, P.S. Nowak, and R. Zoughi
  • Establishing the Basis for Using Transient Stress Waves for Nondestructive Evaluation of Masonry, T.J. Williams, M. Sansalone, and M. Grigoriu
  • Mechanical Properties of Masonry Walls, C.T. Grimm

Vol. 17, No. 1, November 1999

  • Technical Papers
    • Strength Assessment of Clay Bricks using Porosity Dependent Techniques, F.M. Khalaf and J.G. Wilson
      A Study of the Deflection of Prestressed Masonry Walls, R.K. Devalapura, G.L. Krause, and M.K. Tadros
    • Microstructural Investigation of Mortar/Unit Interaction, D.A. Lange, H.D. DeFord, and A.M. Werner
      Special Reports Section
    • Performance of Masonry in Hurricane Fran, September 5, 1996, W.M. McGinley and R.D. Thomas
    • Performance of Masonry during the Middle Tennessee Tornadoes, January 24, 1997, Craig Henderson, K. Fricke
  • General Interest Topics
    • Allowable Axial Compressive Stress in Masonry, A Simplified Procedure, Narendra Taly
    • The Voss Plastometer: Sand-Carrying Capacity of Matrices, Harold C. Fisher

Vol. 18, No. 1, July 2000

  • Technical Papers
    • An Anistropic Failure Criterion for Masonry Suitable for Numerical Implementation, Paulo B. Lourenco and Jan G. Rots
    • Creep Losses in Post-Tensioned Concrete Masonry, H. R. Hamilton III and C. C. R. Badger
    • Hysteretic Behavior of Concrete Masonry Shear Walls with Unbonded Reinforcement, Alok Madan, Andrei M. Reinhorn, and John B. Mander
    • Interaction of In-Plane Shear and Flexure in Masonry Walls with Unbonded Longitudinal Reinforcement, Alok Madan, Andrei M. Reinhorn, and John B. Mander
    • Load Tests on Post-Tensioned Masonry Walls, Nebojsa Mojsilovic and Peter Marti
    • Seismic Response Patterns for URM Buildings, Daniel P. Abrams
    • Wall Density and Seismic Performance of Confined Masonry Buildings, Maria Moroni, Maximillano Astroza, and Rodrigo Caballero
  • General Interest Papers
    • Brick Color Selection and Specification, Clayford T. Grimm
    • Words that Sell Brick, Clayford T. Grimm

Vol. 18, No. 2, December 2000

  • Technical Papers
    • An Alternative Design for Brick Veneer Steel Stud Walls, W. Mark McGinley
    • Behavior of Masonry Mortars – A Factorial Design Approach, V. Sathish, Dr. K. Ramamurthy, and Dr. R. Ambalavanan
    • Proposed Provisions for Design of Anchorage to Masonry, Richard Allen, J. Gregg Borchelt, Richard E. Klingner, and Rob Zobel
    • The Role of Water Transport between Brick and Mortar, V. A. Jennings, A. M. Werner, C. W. Park, and D. A. Lange
    • Testing of Anchor Bolts in Concrete Block Masonry, Joel B. Tubbs, David G. Pollock, Jr., and David I. McLean
  • General Interest Papers
    • Brick Specifications Flowcharts, Clayford T. Grimm
    • Masonry and the Modernist Ethic, Lino Bianco

Vol. 19, No. 1, September 2001

  • Analytical Stress Strain Curves For Confined And Reinforced Concrete Masonry, Niaz A. Nazir and Gary C. Hart
  • Effect of Mortar on Shrinkage of Clay Masonry Wall Panels, Brian James Harris and Richard E. Klingner
  • Modeling of Flexural and Shear Response in Reinforced Masonry Walls Under Seismic Loading, Vincenzo Colotti
  • Stability of Unreinforced Masonry Under Compressive Load, James Colville
  • Strain Transfer Analysis of Masonry Prisms Reinforced with Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets,   K. E. Roko, T. E. Boothby, and C. E. Bakis
  • Structural Testing of Single-Storey Post-tensioned Concrete Masonry Walls, Peter T. Laursen and Jason M. Ingham
  • Testing and Codification of Partially Grout-filled Nominally-reinforced Concrete Masonry Subjected to In-Plane Cyclic Loads, Jason M. Ingham, Barry J. Davidson, David R. Brammer and Kok C. Voon
  • Using Slag in Manufacturing Masonry Bricks and Paving Units, Yasser Korany and Salah El-Haggar

Vol. 20, No. 1, December 2002

  • Technical Papers
    • Tensile Strength of Headed Anchor Bolts in Tops of Fully Grouted CMU Walls, Terence A. Weigel, J.P. Mohsen, Anthony Burke, Karl Erdmann, and Andrew Schad
    • Strength and Stiffness of Masonry Shear Walls with Openings, Hany Elshafie, Ahmad Hamid, and El-sayed Nasr
    • Experimental Investigation of Long-Term Behavior of Dry-Stack Masonry, Gero Marzahn and Gert König
    • Performance of Masonry Buildings in St. Peter, Minnesota during the March 29, 1998 Tornadoes, Arturo E. Schultz, Max L. Porter, Olene Bigelow, and Richard Stehly.
    • Flexural Tension in Unreinforced Masony: Evaluation of Current Specifications, Young Sang Kim and Richard M. Bennett
  • General Interest Papers
    • Quality Control of Concrete Masonry Compressive Strength, Clayford T. Grimm
    • Structural Design of Unreinforced Masonry, James Colville
    • Corrosion Protection of Metal Connectors in Masonry, Clayford T. Grimm

Vol. 21, No. 1, September 2003

  • Anchor Bolts in Masonry Under Combined Tension and Shear Loading, Anne M. Fabrello-Streufert, David G. Pollock and David I. McLean
  • Elastic Stability Of URM Walls Under Transverse Loading, A. E. Schultz and J. G. Mueffelman
  • Design Considerations for Stability of Transversely-Loaded URM Walls, A. E. Schultz and J. G. Mueffelman
  • Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Brick Walls Retrofitted and Repaired, Expansive Epoxy Injection, Al Zeiny
  • Flexural Strengthening of Masonry Walls with External Composite Bars, Kunwar Bajpai and Dat Duthinh
  • Seismic Analysis of Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames, Armin B. Meharbi and P. Benson Shing

Vol. 22, No. 1, September 2004

  • Technical Papers
    • Blast Resistance of FRP Retrofitted Un-Reinforced Masonry (URM) Walls With and Without Arching Action, John Myers, Abdeldjelil Belarbi and Khaled El-Domaity
    • Enhancing Flexural Resistance of Historic Masonry Walls Using Carbon Fiber Ropes, Yasser Korany and Robert Drysdale
    • In- Plane Strengthening of URM Infill Wall Assemblages Using GFRP Laminates, Wael El-Dakhakhni, Ahmad Hamid and Mohamed Elgaaly
    • Influence of Confinement on the Cyclic Behavior of Reinforced Brick Masonry Walls, Adrian S. Durham and Mervyn Kowalsky
    • Pushover Tests on Intermediate-Scale Models of Masonry Buildings With Rigid Floors, B. Calderoni, P. Lenza, and P.P. Rossi
    • Shear Behavior of UCMW Using CFRP Sheet: A Case Study, Tong Zhao, Chenjun Zhang, and Jian Xie
    • Static Determination of the Internal Forces and Displacements in Arch Bridges, A. Audenaert, H. Peremans, and W.P. DeWilde
  • General Interest
    • Disaster Investigation Report: Tornado and Severe Storm Damage in Tennessee November 10, 2002 – Behavior of Brick and Veneer Structures, Jim Bryja and Richard Bennett

Vol. 23, No. 1, December 2005

  • Technical Papers
    • Development and Evaluation of Hollow Concrete Interlocking Block Masonry System, K. B. Anand, and  K. Ramamurthy
    • Effective Per Model for the Nonlinear In-Plane Analysis of Individual URM Piers, Tianyi Yi, Franklin L. Moon, R. T. Leon, and Lawrence F. Kahn
    • Experimental Replication of Masonry Arch Bridge Spandrel Wall Collapse, Thomas E. Boothby, Yurianto Yurianto, and Ece Erdog
    • FPR Strengthening of URM Walls With Openings- Experimental Results, Tong Li, Nestore Galati, J. Gustavo Tumialan, and Antonio Nanni
    • FPR Strengthening of URM Walls With Openings- Numerical Analysis and Design, Tong Li, Nestore Galati, J. Gustavo Tumialan, and Antonio Nanni
    • Methodology for the Design of Lightweight Concrete with Expanded Clay Aggregates, Ana M. Bastos, Hipolito Sousa, and Hipolito Sousa
    • Performance of URM Walls Under In-Plane Seismic Loading, Mohamed A. ElGawady, Pierino Lestuzzi, and Marc Badoux
    • Structural Behavior of Tie Connections for Residential Brick Veneer Construction, James M. LaFave and Dziugas Reneckis
  • General Interest
    • Bond Between Concrete and Building Stones in Stone Masonry Structures, Muhammad I. M. Rjoub

Vol. 24, No. 1, November 2006

  • Dowel Action of Titanium Bars Connecting Marble Fragments,  Elizabeth N. Vintzileou , Eleni-Eva E. Toumbakari and Konstantinos A. Papadopoulos
  • Effect of Air Entrainment on the Performance of Cement-lime Mortars, W. Mark McGinley
  • Impact Resistance of Residential Wall Systems to Wind-Borne Debris, Richard M. Bennett, J. Gregg. Borchelt, Jim Bryja, and Bill Kjorlien
  • In-plane Performance Assessment of URM Walls Retrofitted with FRP, Pedro F. Silva, Abdeldjelil Belarbi, and Tong Li
  • Influence of Prior Out-of-Plane Damage on the In-Plane Behavior of Masonry Infilled Frames, R.C. Henderson, M. L. Porter, W. D. Jones, and E. G. Burdette
  • Time-Dependent Strength and Creep in Masonry, Guilherme Aris Parsekian and Luiz Sergio Franco

Vol. 25, No. 1, September 2007

  • Brick Veneer Steel Stud Wall Systems: State-of-the-Art  Joseph O. Arumala.
  • Comparison of Distribution of Properties in Segmental Retaining Wall Units Between Manufacturers  Cesar Chan, Kenneth C. Hover and Kevin J. Folliard
  • The Effects of Moisture on Compressive Strength and Modulus of Brick Masonry, Amde M. Amde, J. V. Martin and James Colville
  • Load Capacity of Dry- Stack Masonry Walls  H. C. Uzoegbo , R. Senthivel and J.V. Ngowi
  • Out-of-Plane Flexural Strength of Unreinforced Clay Brick Masonry Walls, M. C. Griffith and J. Vaculik
  • Polymer Modification of Masonry Cements in Brick Masonry, Amde M. Amde, James Colville and J. Christian Brown

Vol. 26, No. 1, July 2008

  • Appropriate Control Prism for Prestressed or Reinforced Masonry Floor Systems, Abdul Baqi
  • Effect of Moisture on FRP-Masonry Bond Strength, D. D. Stierwalt and H. R. Hamilton III
  • Evaluation of Thermal Resistance of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Masonry Systems, Christina M. Behrens and Jennifer E. Tanner
  • Finite Element Interface Modeling and Experimental Verification of Masonry-Infilled R/C Frames, Ghassan Al-Chaar, Armin B. Mehrabi and Teymour Manzouri
  • In-Plane Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shrinkage Control Joints, Jason Ingham, Gavin Wight and K. C. Voon

Vol. 26, No. 2, November 2008

  • Technical Papers
    • Compressed Earth Block: Achieving Building Code Requirements with Lime Stabilization, Richard J. Godbey and Margaret L. Thomson
    • Development of Laboratories for Masonry Testing and Non-Destructive Evaluation, John M. Coombs and Jennifer E. Tanner
    • Flange Effects on the Nonlinear Behavior of URM Piers, T. Yi, F. L. Moon, R. T. Leon, and L. F. Kahn
    • Statistical Analysis of Compressive Strength of Clay Brick Masonry: Testing, Saman A. Aryana and John H. Matthys
    • A Study on the Use of GFRP as an External Reinforcement for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Ayca Eminaga and Ali M. Memari
  • General Interest Papers
    • The First United States Prestressed Masonry Structures, Richard M. Bennett

Vol. 27, No. 1, July 2009

  • Compressive Strength of Clay Brick Masonry, Saman A. Aryana and John H. Matthys
  • In-Plane Behavior of a Confined Masonry Wall, Khashair Pourazin and Sassan Eshghi
  • Performance of Lap Splices in Concrete Masonry Shear Walls, J.Z. Mjelde, D.I. McLean, J.J. Thompson, and W.M. McGinley
  • Wind and Earthquake Shear Load in Symmetrical Loadbearing Masonry Buildings, Pedro Sing-Sang, Yuri Totoev, and Adrian W. Page
  • Wind and Earthquake Shear Load in Asymmetrical Loadbearing Masonry Buildings, Pedro Sing-Sang, Yuri Totoev, and Adrian W. Page

Vol. 28, No. 1, January 2010

  • Finite Element Analysis of a Panelized Brick Veneer Wall System and Comparison with Wind Load Testing Results, Jianhai Liang and Ali M. Memari
  • A Moment Magnification Approach for Unreinforced Masonry Design, Richard M. Bennett
  • A Planar-Frame Model for Nonlinear Response of Low-Rise URM Buildings, Youssef Belmouden and Pierino Lestuzzi
  • Study of System-Component Interactions in a Thin-Tile Masonry Dome, Andrew D. Sorensen and Ece Erdogmus

Vol. 28, No. 2, December 2010

  • Design Provisions for Post-Tensioned Masonry Walls Loaded Out-of-Plane, Jennifer R. Bean Popehn and Arturo E. Schultz
  • Effective Shear Design of Reinforced Masonry Beams, Salah R. Sarhat and Edward G. Sherwood
  • Evaluation of Design Provisions for In-Plane Shear in Masonry Walls, C.L. Davis, D.I. McLean, and J.M. Ingham
  • Performance of Poor-Quality Indigenous Brick Walls Strengthened by GFRP, Ghassan K. Al-Chaar
  • Stochastic Bayesian Calibration of Finite Element Models of Masonry Vaults, Sezer Atamturktur and Thomas Boothby

Vol. 29, No. 1, December 2011

  • Behavior of Masonry Subject to Load Parallel to Bed Face, Sreekanta Das, Thomas Ring, and David Stubbs
  • Effects of Fibers on Flexural Strength of Masonry Mortars, Catherine K. Armwood, Ece Erdogamus, and Hani Haider
  • In-Plane Behavior and Strength of Fully-Grouted Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls, Ehsan Minaie, Michael C. Mota, Franklin L.
  • Moon, and Ahmad A. Hamid
  • MSJC Deep Beam Requirements, Fernando Fonseca, Sunup S. Mathew, and Richard M. Bennett
  • Study of Tile Layer Contribution of a Thin-Tile Masonry Dome, Andrew D. Sorensen and Ece Erdogamus

Vol. 30, No. 1, December 2012

  • Behavior of Clay Brick Confined Masonry Walls under Cyclic Loads, Behrang Sarrafi and Sassan Eshghi
  • Effect of Test Conditions on the Compressive Strength of Concrete Masonry Units, Mina Gayed, Yasser Korany, and Mohammed Nazief
  • Interface Shear Transfer Between Grout and AAC Masonry, Miguel Forero Henao, Monica Puglisi, and Richard E. Klingner
  • Splice Provisions for Deformed Reinforcement Surrounded by Grout in AAC Masonry, Miguel Forero Henao, Monica Puglisi, and Richard E. Klingner

Vol. 31, No. 1, December 2013

  • Technical Papers
    • Concepts of Shear Friction Applied to Masonry Shear Walls, Shane C. Morrison and Richard M. Bennett
    • In-Plane Loading of Brick Veneer over Wood Shear Walls, James M. Lintz and Elias A. Toubia
    • Performance Based Seismic Design of a Confined Masonry Building, Sassan Eshghi & Khashaiar Pourazin
    • Sliding Shear Resistance of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls, Farhad Ahmadi , Jaime Hernandez , Geoff Scheid , and Richard E. Klingner
  • General Interest Topics
    • Testing Flexural Tension Strength of Masonry with Low-Pressure Vacuum, Kenneth C. Hover, Timothy K. Bond, David Farmer

Vol. 32, No. 1, December 2014

  • Effect of Height-to-Thickness Ratio on Compressive Strength of Masonry, Sreekanta Das, Jiaji Liu, Mohamed El Sayed, and Sara Kenno
  • Evaluation of Modeling Scheme for Unreinforced Masonry Under Seismic Loading, Laura Redmond, Andreas Stavridis, and Reginald DesRoches
  • Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls as Governed by Flexure, Farhad Ahmadi, Jaime Hernandez, Juan Diego Rodriguez, and Richard E. Klingner
  • Evaluation of 2011 MSJC Strength-Design Shear Provisions for Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls, Saleh Alogla, Farhad Ahmadi, Jaime Hernandez, Richard E. Klingner, and David I. McLean
  • FRCM-Strengthened CMU Masonry Walls Subjected to Out-of-Plane Load, Saman Babaeidarabad, Giovanni Loreto, Diana Arboleda, and Antonio Nanni

Vol. 33, No. 1, December 2015

  • A Review on the Prognostic Evaluation of Historic Masonry Structures, Greg Roche, Saurabh Prabhu, and Sez Atamturktur
  • Analysis of Field-Measured Reversible Deformations in Masonry Cavity Walls, A. J. Lohonyai, Yassar Korany, and N. Trovato
  • Analysis of Shear-Dominated Reinforced Masonry Walls Using Truss Models, Mohammadreza Moharrami, Ioannis Koutromanos, and Scott A. Williams
  • Effects of Cement Stabilization and Fibers on the Water Resistance of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks, Ebrima Colley and Ece Erdogmus
  • Nominal Shear Strength of Partially Grouted Masonry Walls, Patrick B. Dillon and Fernando S. Fonseca

Vol. 34, No. 1, December 2016

  • Technical Papers
    • Capacity of Masonry Loaded by Through-Bolts in Double Shear, By: Gaur P. Johnson, Ian N. Robertson, and James Aoki
    • Preliminary Method to Determine CO2 Sequestration in Cementitious Units, By: Canan D’Avela, Jiangyin Bao, Fred W. Croxen III, Robert T. Downs, Steve Fickett, Hugh Rodrigues, David Rothstein, and Jason J. Thompson
    • Shear and Tensile Strength Equations for Analysis of Grouted Masonry By: Laura Redmond, Lawrence Kahn, and Reginald DesRoches
  • General Interest Topics
    • A Review of Reconstruction Methods and Materials for Ancient Dry Stack Structures, By: Ariel Kousgaard and Ece Erdogmus
    • Why is the Masonry Market in Brazil Booming? By: Guilherme Aris Parsekian, José Luiz Pereira, and Fernando S. Fonseca

Vol. 35, No. 1, December 2017

  • Technical Papers
    • Confined Masonry Shear Walls: Experimental Testing and Analysis, By: Lan Nguyen, Ross B. Corotis, Michael P. Schuller, and Guido Camata
    • Moment of Resistance of Reinforced Masonry Beam Based on Effective Pull-Out Stiffness of Reinforced Brick Mortar Joint, By: Shashank Mehendale, Abhay Bambole, and S. Raghunath
    • Single-Wythe Concrete Masonry Walls—Investigation of Early Age Shrinkage of
      Masonry Mortars, By: Sarah E. Ebright, Donald Harvey, and Jennifer E. Tanner
  • General Interest Topics
    • Allowable Stress Design Method for Flexural Reinforcement in Shear Walls, By: Richard M. Bennett
    • Anchor Bolt Design Provisions in the TMS 402-16 Code, By: Richard M. Bennett
    • Development of Structural Masonry Standards: A Look Back at Where We’ve Come From, with a Glimpse of the Future, By: Phillip J. Samblanet
  • NAMC in TMS Journal – Award Winning Papers from Past NAMCs
    • A Study on the Out-of-Plane Stability of Ductile Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls Subjected to In-Plane Reversed-Cyclic Loading, By: Brook R. Robazza, Tony Y. Yang, Svetlana Brzev, K.J. Elwood, and D.L. Anderson
    • Development of Self-Reinforced Concrete Block for Improved Shear Wall Ductility, By: Madeleine Smith (nee Joyal), Michael J. Tait, and Robert G. Drysdale

Vol. 36, No. 1, December 2018

  • Technical Papers
    • Compressive Strength Prediction of Grouted Hollow Concrete Block Masonry: Major International Codes and a Proposed Model, By: Salah R. Sarhat and Edward G. Sherwood
    • Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Masonry Infill Walls Subjected to Lateral Load Reversals, By: R. Allouzi and A. Irfanoglu
    • Joint Reinforcement as Primary Shear Reinforcement for Concrete Masonry Shear Walls, By: Greg Baenziger and Max L. Porter

Vol. 37, No. 1, December 2019

  • Technical Papers
    • Behavior of Masonry Mortar Containing a Non-Harmful Antifreeze Admixture, By: Ouafi Saha, Moh Boulfiza, and Leon D. Wegner
    • Corrosion-Based Service Life Analysis for Adhered Masonry Cladding Systems in Canada, By: Yasser Korany and Mark D. Hagel
    • Experimental Testing of Out-Of-Plane Capacity of Semi-Interlocking Masonry Infill Panels, By: Orod Zarrin, Yuri Z. Totoev, and Mark J. Masia
  • Masonry Giants – Presented During Daniel P. Abrams Masonry Giants Session
    • A Ten-Year Multi-Phase Research Program on the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Block Shear Wall Components and Systems, By: Mohamed Ezzeldin and Wael El-Dakhakhni
  • General Interest Papers
    • Determination of Projected Tension and Shear Area for Anchor Bolt Groups in Masonry, By: Richard M. Bennett
    • 25 Years Later – The Northridge California Earthquake, It’s Impact on Masonry and TMS’s Response, By: Phillip J. Samblanet

Vol. 38, No. 1, December 2020

  • Technical Papers
    • Geometry Effects on the Fire Resistance Rating of Masonry, By: Hamish Pope and Ehab Zalok
    • Visualizing Load Path in Perforated Shear Walls,  By: Ying Chih Chen and Rajan Sen
  • Masonry Giants – Presented During Daniel P. Abrams Masonry Giants Session
    • On the Performance-Based Engineering Concepts for Historic Structures: Challenges and Expectations, By: Abdelsamie Elmenshawi and Nigel Shrive
  • General Interest
    • History and Preservation of Bradford-Perley House Architectural Interpretation Site, By: Jennifer Tanner and David Transue

Vol. 39, No. 1, December 2021

  • Technical Papers
    • Development of Masonry Wall Resistance and Fragilities for Out-of-Plane Wind Loads, By: Shahriar Quayyum and Sudhan Banik
    • Fire impact on Compressive Strength of Concrete Masonry Materials – A Review, By: Hamish Pope and Ehab Zalok
    • Quantifying the Effect and Joint Type on Masonry Fire Resistance, By: Hamish Pope and Ehab Zalok
  • Reprinted from the 14th Canadian Masonry Symposium with Permission from the Canada Masonry Centre
    • Resilience of a Masonry Association: Lessons Learned and Recommendations, By: Christine A. Subasic and Phillip J. Samblanet

Vol. 40, No. 1, December 2022

  • Technical Papers
    • Investigation of Mix Designs for Lightweight Grout per ASTM C476, By: Rumi Shrestha, Laura Redmond, Jason Thompson, and Prasad Rangaraju
    • Quantitative Appraisal of the Sustainability of Compressed Stabilized Earthen Masonry, By: Elena Hoff and Ece Erdogmus
  • General Interest Papers
    • Compression Behavior of Corrugated Veneer Ties On Insulation, By: Richard M. Bennett, Charles B. Clark, Jr., and Jim Bryja
    • Tension and Compression Controlled Sections in the 2022 TMS 402 Code, By: Richard M. Bennett and John M. Hochwalt