TMS eJournal, Vol. 9, No. 2


TMS Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, February 1991 contains:

  • Flexural Bond Strength of Concrete Masonry Prisms using Portland Cement and Hydrated Lime Mortars, E.G. Hedstrom, K.M. Tarhini, R.D. Thomas, V.S. Dubovoy, R.E. Klingner, and R.A. Cook
  • Seismic Design of Ductile Masonry Walls, G.C. Hart
  • Design and Testing of Masonry Slab System, A. Nanni and L.F. Geschwinder
  • Behaviour of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Subjected to Earthquakes, M. Qamaruddin and B. Chandra
  • A Test Program to Determine the Structural Properties of Unreinforced Hollow Clay Tile Masonry Walls at the DOE Oak Ridge Plants, K.E. Fricke and W.D. Jones
  • Flexural Bond Strength of Masonry: An Experimental Review, S.K. Ghosh
  • Friction at Supports of Clay Brick Walls, W.M. McGinley and J.G. Borchelt
  • Failure Criterion for Laterally Loaded Masonry Walls, R. Guggisberg and B. Thorlimann
  • Compressive Strength of Hollow Concrete Masonry, J. Colville and A.M. Wolde-Tinsae

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