TMS eJournal, Vol. 19 No. 1


TMS Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, September 2001 contains:

  • Analytical Stress Strain Curves For Confined And Reinforced Concrete Masonry, Niaz A. Nazir and Gary C. Hart
  • Effect of Mortar on Shrinkage of Clay Masonry Wall Panels, Brian James Harris and Richard E. Klingner
  • Modeling of Flexural and Shear Response in Reinforced Masonry Walls Under Seismic Loading, Vincenzo Colotti
  • Stability of Unreinforced Masonry Under Compressive Load, James Colville
  • Strain Transfer Analysis of Masonry Prisms Reinforced with Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets,   K. E. Roko, T. E. Boothby, and C. E. Bakis
  • Structural Testing of Single-Storey Post-tensioned Concrete Masonry Walls, Peter T. Laursen and Jason M. Ingham
  • Testing and Codification of Partially Grout-filled Nominally-reinforced Concrete Masonry Subjected to In-Plane Cyclic Loads, Jason M. Ingham, Barry J. Davidson, David R. Brammer and Kok C. Voon
  • Using Slag in Manufacturing Masonry Bricks and Paving Units, Yasser Korany and Salah El-Haggar

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