TMS eJournal, Vol. 13 No. 2


TMS Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2, February 1995 contains:

  • Preliminary Results of the Influence of Shear Connected Wythes on the Ability of Cavity Walls to Carry Vertical Loads, A. Goyal, M.A. Hatzinikolas, and A.E. Elwi
  • Lap Splices in Flexurally Loaded Masonry Walls, J.D. Blake, M.L. Marsh, and D.I. McLean
  • Evaluation of the Flatjack Test of Brick Masonry, L.F. Kahn and S.E. Turner
  • Flexural Bond Strength of Clay Brick Masonry, S.L. Wood
  • Evaluation of the Compressive Strength of Masonry by Prism Sampling, R.D. Thomas and M.J. Scolforo
  • Test Program on the Seismic Behavior of Confined Masonry Structures, S.M. Alcocer and R. Meli
  • Effect of Mortar Shrinkage on In-Plane Stresses in Clay Brickwork, D.P. Abrams
  • Use of Masonry as a Building Material in the Arabian Gulf Region, A.A. Hamid
  • Masonry Cavity Walls: A Bibliography, C.T. Grimm

Please be advised that this is photocopy scan and is accordingly not searchable.

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