NCMA Foundation Approves 4 TMS Grant Requests for Nearly $60,000

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Continuing on years of support, the NCMA Education and Research Foundation recently approved 4 new grant requests from The Masonry Society to support a 2022 Masonry Educator’s Workshop, a new Masonry Designer’s Guide (MDG) based on the upcoming 2022 TMS 402/602 Standards, the 14th North American Masonry Conference that will be held in Omaha in 2023, and the development of an Enhanced” TMS 402/602 Online Commentary. These grants follow major support for the new Masonry Education Hub now hosted by TMS, and years of similar support from the NCMA Foundation. David Pitre Chair of the NCMA Education and Research Foundation, and VP Commercial Hardscapes & Masonry group for Quikrete, noted, “The Masonry Society’s mission to advance the knowledge of masonry, and their good work in continually doing this, makes TMS programs a good fit for the Foundation Our goals are to advance and support the concrete masonry and hardscape industry and the public interest through research and educational programs designed to meet the future needs of the industry. These TMS projects help us do that.”

TMS President, Christine (Tina) Subasic notes “In the coming years, TMS will be undertaking a number of new programs while continuing others. Normal member dues and revenue streams often cannot pay to develop or support some of the programs and projects that TMS leaders believe are key in continuing to advance the knowledge of masonry. Thanks to support from the NCMA Education and Research Foundation, and other generous supporters, TMS is able to host Educator’s workshops and the North American Masonry Conference, while also developing new or updated resources like the Masonry Designer’s Guide. We greatly appreciate the support of the NCMA Education and Research Foundation and other groups in helping move these programs forward successfully!”

If you would like to learn more about these or other TMS programs, or to support them, please contact TMS at 303-939-9700 or email us here.