Masonry Standards Online Platform Launches with TMS 402/602-16

The Masonry Society has launched the all new Masonry Standards Online subscription platform, which provides easy access to TMS standards from anywhere with enhanced commentary, additional features, and multi-user access.

TMS 402/602-16Masonry Standards Online standards are available through individual annual subscriptions. The 2016 edition of TMS 402 and TMS 602 (Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures) is now available and the 2022 edition of these standards is currently in development. Additional TMS standards, including Standards for Architectural Cast Stone, 2016 Edition and Sound Standard, 2018, are planned for release in 2024.

Masonry Standards Online provides many useful features not available through standard digital options including the ability to highlight and annotate, links to references (including free access to references TMS Journal and NAMC papers), advanced search options, and more.

Multi-user discounts are also available to active TMS Members. Purchasing multiple copies will allow multiple people or devices access via concurrent logins. Each user must login to the account that purchased the subscription.

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Masonry Standards Online Features

Preview Chapter 1 of TMS 402/-16 for free

Copy text, equations, tables, and figures

Print by section
Share links to individual sections

Highlight and annotate
Create your own highlights and annotations with Hypothesis
Internal linking 
Quickly jump to referenced sections, tables, equations, and figures

Notation & definition tooltips
Hover over terms to see definitions and more information
Links to references
Links to external references and receive free access to papers from TMS Journal and North American Masonry Conference Proceedings!
Helpful resources 
Links to relevant papers, webinars, and more
Save your searches
Save frequent searches to refer to later

Advanced search
Use advanced search techniques and filter by content type or standard
Multi-user options
Subscribe for yourself or share concurrent access with your entire office