TMS 402/602 Public Comment Period Closes

The Public Comment Period for proposed revisions to the 2016 Edition of its Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (TMS 402-16 and Specification for Masonry Structures (TMS 602-16) and their companion commentaries was held from June 1 though July 15, 2021, in accordance with the rules of The Masonry Society requiring proposed changes to standardized documents be open for public comment for a period of not less than 45 days. During that Period, 220 comments were received. These comments are now being consider by the Committee, which will respond to each comment, and will propose changes if appropriate. Some changes may be forwarded to new business for the next revision cycle. Click the links below to view the comments, the Working Draft of proposed revisions, and other relevant information.

TMS 402/602 will next meet in Nashville, Tennessee in conjunction with The Masonry Society’s Annual Meeting that will be held from October 13-16, 2021. These meetings are open and anyone, upon registering, may attend and listen to discussions. Watch the Annual Meeting website for a schedule of meetings in the coming days, which could change based on discussions expected on various public comments.