The Masonry Society accepts nominations for key leadership positions (President, Member of the Board of Directors, Chair) and for various awards.

To nominate someone to a leadership position, email TMS with the person’s name and a brief reason why you are recommending someone for the noted position.

TMS recognizes members and non-members with a number of Awards. In general, TMS Members must nominate individuals or groups for the following awards:

  • Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership is the highest honor that TMS can bestow on a member. It recognizes individuals who have attained acknowledged eminence related to masonry research, design, or construction. Only a TMS member may nominate an individual for honorary membership. Nominations may be submitted at any time, although nominations are typically considered during the early spring of each year so that the awards can be adequately considered at the Spring Meetings of TMS. Submit nominations to TMS. Honorary Members carry the designation HTMS, Honorary Member of The Masonry Society.
  • Fellow Membership. To qualify for Fellow Membership status, a TMS Member must have made outstanding contributions to the Society and have been a Member for no less than 10 consecutive years. Nominations are due by February 1st each year. Those granted Fellowship status will be honored at the following Annual Meeting of TMS, and will carry the designation FTMS, Fellow of The Masonry Society.
  • Paul Haller Structural Design Award. The Haller Award is given to an individual engineer or an engineering firm that has enhanced the knowledge of masonry in practice. This award recognizes the beauty, elegance, and economy of structural masonry projects. The Award may be presented yearly, although no award needs to be given in a year. Click here for details on submitting nominations which are due by June 30, 2016.
  • John B. Sclazi Research Award. This award, named after Dr. John Scalzi of the National Science Foundation, is presented annually by The Masonry Society to honor an individual who has made an outstanding, lifetime contribution to masonry research. To nominate someone for the award, please send a brief statement of why the candidate should be considered along with the candidate’s resume summarizing their contributions to masonry research to: . This award is presented annually at The Masonry Society’s Annual Meeting.
  • Service Awards. The Masonry Society’s Service Award is presented annually to an individual who has volunteered in special, and typically unseen, ways to assist the Society. The intent of the award is to recognize those who continually assist the Society, but who are not normally recognized for their efforts. Nominations are due on June 30th of each year. Up to three (3) Service Awards can be presented in a year. Both TMS Members and nonmembers of the Society are eligible for the award.

TMS also accepts applications for a number of Awards and Scholarships: