Outstanding Student Thesis Award

The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Student Thesis Awards are presented annually by TMS’s Research Committee to the best doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis on masonry topics.

Masters theses or reports will be considered that were submitted for degree requirements between May 16, 2022 and June 1, 2023.  Masters reports must be publicly available (referenceable) to be eligible.

Ph.D. dissertations that are submitted for degree requirements between June 1, 2021 and May 31st, 2023 are eligible for this award. Ph.D. dissertations previously sent to TMS for award selection and that meet the current Ph.D. completion date requirements, are still eligible and will be automatically considered without the need for resubmittal.

Theses must be submitted to the TMS office no later than June 1st of the award year. Electronic submission of theses in PDF format is strongly encouraged.

Recipient Summary

2022: Demiana Tse and Ali Dalalbashi Esfahani

2021: Karren Izquierdo and Larisa Garcia-Ramonda

2020: Nader Aly and Clayton Pettit

2019: Shady Hesham Abdel-Mohaimen Bakr Salem, Daniele Malomo, Sarah Elizabeth Jemison, and Amir Rezaeivahdati

2018: Ala’ Taleb Mufleh Obaidat, Savvas Saloustros, and Hannah Keelson 

2017: Ahmed Ashour and Dafne C. Martin-Alarcon

2016: Susana Maria Trinidade Moreira and Tamás Forgács

2015: Saman Babaeidarabad and Bennett Banting

2014: Charlotte Louise Knox and Madeleine P. Joyal

2013: Najif Ismail and Rashid Popal

2012: Ioannis Koutromanos and Sarah E. Ebright

2011: Dziugas Reneckis, Alistair Peter Russell, and Kawsar Ahmed

2010: Seongwoo Jo, Andreas Stavridis, and Benchmark Harris

2009: Vladimir  Guilherme Haach and Courtney Lynn Davis

2008: Jennifer B. Popehn and Jon Mjelde

2007: Kok Choon Voon and Marwan Mohamed Tarek Shedid

2006: Omer Onur Erbay, Gavin D. Wight, and Saman Afqahi Aryana

2005: Gregory L. Cohen and Matthew K. Snook

2004: Franklin L. Moon, Jennifer E. Tanner, and Ian K. Eikanas

2003: Eleni-Eva Toumbakari and Bruce Chen

2002: Junyi Yi and Owen Arthur Rosenboom

2001: Augustin Dukuze and Eric John Seaverson

2000: Francisco Javier Crisafulli and Ben Roberts

1999: Chin K. Shea and Jason J. Thompson

1998: Andrew C. Costley and Christian C. R. Badger

1997: Armin Mehrabi and Jose Madero

1996: Khaled S. Ibrahim and Daniel E. Domalik

1995: Magdy M.S. Khattab and John D. Brunner

1994: Sean Liaw

1993: Gilberto Leiva and Scott Turner

1992: Pin Guo

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