Newly Elected Board of Directors Representatives to Begin Terms at 2017 Annual Meeting

Based on recommendations from the Nominating Committee, a Ballot of the 2017-2019 Class of Directors to serve on TMS’s Board of Directors was forwarded to Voting Members of the Society earlier this fall. Those nominations were overwhelming supported by those returning ballots. Those elected (see below) will begin their terms upon the conclusion of the 2017 TMS Annual Meeting in La Jolla, CA.

The Board of Directors starting at the end of the Annual Meeting will be as follows:

President: Darrell W. McMillian
Past-President: Jerry M. Painter
Vice President: Christine A. Subasic
Secretary/Treasurer: W. Mark McGinley
TAC Chair: Peter M. Babaian
ACT Chair: James A. Farny
Zone 1: Paul G. Scott and James P. Mwangi
Zone 2: Mohamed A. ElGawady and Manuel A. Diaz
Zone 3: Robert Haukohl and Matthew Reiter
Zone 4: Matthew Hamann and Charles A. Haynes
Zone 5: David Stubbs and Wael El-Dakhakhni
At-Large Representatives: Steve Dill, David L. Pierson, Diane B. Throop, David I. McLean, and Michael P. Schuller*
Affiliate/Sustaining Member Representatives: David Sovinski, Jamie L. Davis, and Craig Finch

Michael P. Schuller, P.E. of Atkinson-Noland & Associates, was selected by the Board of Directors to replace Andrew Geister as an At-Large Representative following Mr. Geister’s resignation earlier this year.