MDG-2022 & Cast Stone Standards, 2023 Now Available

The latest editions of
Masonry Designers’ Guide
Standards for Architectural Cast Stone
are now available!

Bundle the MDG-2022 and TMS 402/602-22 to save $25!

Masonry Designers’ Guide – 2022

The Masonry Designers’ Guide – 2022 is a valuable reference for engineers, contractors, architects, inspectors, building code authorities, and educators.

MDG-2022 includes more than 150 design examples on topics such as:

  • Concrete and clay masonry
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) masonry
  • Prestressed masonry
  • Glass unit masonry
  • Veneer
  • Allowable stress design
  • Strength design
  • 60+ comprehensive design examples for three common masonry buildings (Chapters 19-21)
  • Key design checks for isolated elements:
    • partition walls
    • loadbearing walls
    • shear walls
    • anchor bolts
    • and more
  • Brand new examples for
    • GFRP reinforced masonry
    • veneer
    • anchor bolts

The MDG-2022 also includes discussion on masonry provisions in the 2024 International Building Code (IBC) and its examples are based on ASCE /SEI 7-22.

Standards for Architectural Cast Stone, 2023 Edition

Standards for Architectural Cast Stone contains three standards and their commentaries:

  • Standard for Design of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 404)
  • Standard for Fabrication of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 504)
  • Standard Specification for Installation of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 604)

Key updates and revisions incorporated by the Committee in the 2023 edition include:

  • Updates for coordination with other reference standards including updates to reflect changes in ASTM standards and reference to the 2022 edition of ASCE/SEI 7.
  • General cleanup and clarification of provisions and expanded commentary.
  • Introduced new deflection limits of l/600 for cast stone subjected to out-of-plane loads.
  • Removed the historical drying shrinkage limit of 0.000325, replaced by a requirement that drying shrinkage be tested and reported.
  • Minimum thickness requirement of 2.5 inches (64 mm) for all cast stone units.
  • Permitting the use of glass fiber reinforced polymer bars meeting ASTM D7957/C7957M.
  • Minimum qualifications for testing labs and inspection agencies are required to be defined.