Outstanding Paper Awards at the 14th NAMC

TMS presented awards to recognize outstanding papers presented at the 14th North American Masonry Conference in Omaha, Nebraska on June 13, 2023.

Award Recipients

  • Best experimental work: Shake Table Tests of Traditional Timber Frame Masonry Construction System, by Aanisa Gani, Durgesh C Rai, Jan Mohammad Banday
  • Best analytical/numerical work: An Analysis Model for Partially Grouted Shear Walls Using Macro-Modelling: Importance of Reporting Joint Shear Strength, by: Amr Ba Rahim, Clayton Pettit, Carlos Cruz Noguez, Jeffrey Hung
  • Best paper with a graduate student as the first author: Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters on the In-Plane Behavior of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Strengthened with Steel Wire Reinforced Cementitious Matrix, by Dattatreya Tripathy, Vaibhav Singhal
  • Best industry author/case study paper: Preserving a Landmark: Saving a Historic Masonry Landmark with Cost Saving Restoration Construction Practices, by Nathan J. Harres, Ariel Kousgaard
  • Best overall paper: Seismic Out-of-Plane Retrofit of URM Walls Using Timber Strong-Backs, by Ivan Giongo, Dmytro Dizhur, Jason Ingham, Robert Hudson, Marta Giaretton