Masonry Designers’ Guide – 2016 Now Available

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Masonry Designers' Guide 2016The 9th Edition of the Masonry Designers’ Guide is now available for purchase. The latest edition, designated as the MDG-2016, has been completely updated to provisions in the 2016 TMS 402 and TMS 602.

Numerous additions and changes include a new chapter on Reinforcement and Connectors, discussion and examples on new TMS 402-16 provisions, information related to masonry design requirements in the 2018 International Building Code (IBC), and updates related to new loading requirements in ASCE 7-16.

The MDG-2016 is an excellent resource for designers as well as students learning about masonry because it:

  • was developed by dozens of masonry experts who are familiar both with masonry design and with the Code requirements governing masonry’s use
  • includes over 110 practical examples of typical masonry buildings and components
  • provides practical tips on how to quickly and efficiently design typical masonry
  • includes drawings and photographs to illustrate concepts and procedures discussed

The MDG-2016 is available in print and electronic format and can also be bundled with the 2016 TMS 402/602 for additional savings.

*Print copies of the MDG-2016 include a registration card that can be used to redeem access to the digital version.