Contributors to the Clayford T. Grimm, P.E. Student Scholarship

The Masonry Society recognizes all those who have contributed to the Clayford T. Grimm, P.E. Student Scholarship over the years. This student scholarship is possible thanks to the generosity of the contributors listed below.

Contributions of $1,000 or more

  • Ivan Becica, Becica Associates, LLC
  • James W. Cowie, J.W. Cowie Engineering Ltd.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Davidson (Rose Marie Davidson, daughter of Grimm)
  • Elide Lucy Grimm, beloved wife
  • Ensoft, Inc.
  • Nancy & Peter Byrnes
  • John H. Matthys
  • Raymond T. Miller
  • Sam Mikhail
  • Col. Elo Mussetto, USAF (Ret.)
  • Phillip and Karen Samblanet

Contributions of $500 to $999

  • In Memory of Mrs. Mary E. Borchelt, mother of J. Gregg Borchelt – Gregg and Kathleen Borchelt
    • Total of Contributions by David & Monica Biggs, the Mason Contractors of St. Louis, the Masonry Institute of Michigan, John and Beverlee Matthys, Raymond T. Miller, Phillip and Karen Samblanet, Sporleder Architects, and Terence A. Weigel
  • Leo and Wilma Danze
  • Paul Hoggatt, Hoggatt, G.P., LLC
  • John S. Steinman, Steinman Luevan Structures
  • Jason J. Thompson

Contributions of $250 to $499

  • Robert N. Chittenden, Chittenden Engineering
  • Thomas M. Corcoran, Integrus Architecture
  • Michael DeBlasio, M. Deblasio, Inc.
  • Ece Erdogmus, including $250 donated from Membership Recruitment Contest winnings
  • Barry A. Haseltime
  • Donald McMican, DGM Consultants PA
  • Malcolm and Barbara Phipps
  • In Memory of Mr. Walter T. “Jerry” Vernon – Gregg and Kathleen Borchelt
  • Donald Sporleder, Sporleder Architects

Contributions of $100 to $249

  • David & Monica Biggs
  • Steve W. Borman, Keystone Masonry, Inc.
  • John E. Breen
  • Russell H. Brown
  • Canan D’Avela
  • Jason & Laura Fowell, granddaughter of Grimm
  • David and Maxine Fowler
  • Eugene George, FAIA
  • Charles W. Graham
  • Gary C. Hart
  • Gregory R. Hess
  • Robert J. Kudder, Raths, Raths & Johnson
  • A.H. Paul Maurenbrecher
  • John J. Myers
  • National Concrete Masonry Association
  • A. Rhett Whitlock
  • In Memory of Mrs. Barbara Ann McGinley, mother of W. Mark McGinley – Gregg and Kathleen Borchelt
  • In Memory of Robert L. Nelson – Gregg and Kathleen Borchelt
  • In Memory of Harry E. Porter, Father of Max L. Porter, Gregg and Kathleen Borchelt
  • In Memory of William (Bill) Wood, friend and supporter
    •  Total of Contributions by Raymond T. Miller and Phillip & Karen Samblanet

Contributions up to $99

  • James Colville
  • Terry M. Curtis, Heckmann Building Products
  • John L. Dawe
  • Ece Erdogmus
  • Michael G. Gurevich
  • Michael A. Hatzinikolas
  • Harry B. Kuchma
  • Walter Laska
  • Colin C. Munro, Chartered Masonry Consultant
  • Frank W. Neal, Frank W. Neal & Assoc., Inc.
  • Scott Sabol
  • Paul Scott
  • Arturo Schultz
  • Nigel Shrive
  • Christine Subasic
  • Lawrence M. Tabat, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
  • Terence Allan Weigel
  • Michael J. Wilson

Date Updated: 5/18/20