Ece Erdogmus Named TMS Fellow Member

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Dr. Ece Erdogmus has been named a Fellow Member of The Masonry Society (TMS) in recognition of her outstanding achievements to TMS and to masonry education. In her nomination, that was considered and recommended by the Awards Committee in February, and then approved by TMS’s Board of Directors in March, some of her many accomplishments during her 20 years of service to The Masonry Society were noted including her service as a member of TMS 402/602 (where she now Chairs a Subcommittee), as Associate Editor of the TMS Journal, and as an active member of the Technical Activities Committee (TAC). She authored a chapter of the 2022 Masonry Design Guide, regularly reviews theses for Research Committee awards, taught structural masonry design for 15 years at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and has 76 peer-reviewed papers purely related to masonry research. She is currently a professor and chair of the School of Building Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology, was one of the founders of the Women In Masonry Fund, and served as the organizational chair for the 14th North American Masonry Conference (2023). Not noted in her nominations is the fact that she currently also serves on TMS’s Board of Directors – making her approval as Fellow through the Board a bit awkward as staff and Board members had to consider the nominations without involving her.

One of her nominators noted: “Ece has been a tireless advocate for masonry, particularly in the areas of education and research…  Her dedication to TMS, and the masonry industry in general, is shown by her countless hours volunteering on committees… However perhaps the most striking thing about Ece is her enthusiasm which I have witnessed firsthand! Her desire to share her love of masonry, and encourage others, especially women, is contagious… She introduced poster sessions at the 14NAMC for students to encourage children as young as kindergarten to think about masonry. She is always looking for ways to expand the reach and understanding of masonry, especially to young people. The title of Fellow is a fitting recognition for someone so dedicated to the future of masonry and masonry education.” Another nominator noted: “You do not have to be around Ece for very long and her passion for masonry comes through. We need more
people and leaders like Ece in the masonry community.” Other nominators had similarly glowing recommendations that noted her professionalism, knowledge, curiosity, and ability to collaborate, while being not only approachable, but also welcoming.

Dr. Erdogmus is now TMS’s 44th Fellow Member, joining a group of amazing individuals who have been awarded this honor. To qualify for Fellow Membership status, a TMS Member must have made outstanding contributions to the Society and have been a Member for no less than 10 consecutive years. Nominations are due by February 1st each year.

TMS will formally recognize Dr. Erdogmus at its annual meeting in Portland, Maine on October 17th, 2024. We hope you will be able to be there to honor her.