Building Information Modeling for Masonry Resources

BIM is an acronym that stands for an object, a “building information model” and also a process for creating and using that object, “building information modeling”. The BIM model provides a digital representation of the building, so that the modeling and analysis tools used by architects, engineers, constructors, managers and owners can read from and write to the same information source.

The use of BIM has expanded quickly within the construction industry worldwide. In 2012, the masonry industry recognized that masonry materials were not well represented in existing BIM software. A consortium of industry associations came together to create the BIM for Masonry Initiative to identify barriers to and strategies for the full implementation of masonry materials and systems into BIM software for the design and construction industries.

The resources contained here are some of the work product of this initiative. The resources are for all audiences – contractors, designers, BIM operators, and more – to help with the use of masonry in BIM projects.

The efforts of BIM-M were supported by a broad coalition of masonry industry groups. Primary sponsors of this effort were the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Brick Industry Association, International Masonry Institute, Mason Contractors Association of America, NCMA Education and Research Foundation, The Masonry Society and Western States Clay Products Association.