2006 President’s Award presented to Larry Kahn

Max L. Porter, Immediate Past President of TMS, presented the 2006 President’s Award on behalf of TMS President John Melander who was unable to attend the meetings. Porter was pleased to present Lawrence F. Kahn with the 2006 President’s Award for his exceptional contributions to the success of the Society at the Society’s Annual meeting on October 14th.

During the presentation of the award, Porter highlighted Kahn’s skillful leadership in his tenure as TMS Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Chairman. Kahn has effectively and efficiently engaged the full TAC membership in the very important function of overseeing TMS technical activities. He established a team culture within the committee by distributing tasks among TAC members. In doing so, he has effectively used the many skills and talents of TAC members to complete critical TAC functions such as document review, ANSI process development, review, and oversight, and management of TMS technical committee operations. He has helped shape the direction of TMS as a Society with reasoned and insightful participation in TMS’s Executive Committee. Porter noted that Kahn is a Founding Member of TMS, and was recently made a Fellow member of TMS.

Larry Kahn (right) is congratulated by Dr. Max L. Porter(left) after being presented with the 2006 President's Award.
Larry Kahn (right) is congratulated by Dr. Max L. Porter (left) after being presented with the 2006 President’s Award.