Special Inspection of Structural Masonry Construction

The Masonry Society’s most popular seminar is aimed at training special inspectors to know what is important to observe, and what is not, so they are not slowing down jobs unnecessarily. This seminar is perfect for those preparing to take the ICC/TMS Structural Masonry Structural Inspectors examination. While the full seminar is 1 and 1/2 days in length, it can easily be shortened to 1 day in length, or specific topics can be covered for seminars as short as 20 minutes in length.


The seminar is aimed at helping inspectors, engineers and building officials identify and check key quality assurance items on the job site. The seminar has recently been updated to the 2015 IBC and the 2013 MSJC, which serve as the primary references for the ICC/TMS Certification Examination. The seminar also overviews related ASTM standards and inspection guides. Attendees will learn code inspection requirements, proper placement of materials, mortar and grout, movement joints, how to determine the compressive strength of masonry, and severe weather construction procedures. In addition, testing requirements will be overviewed from the perspective of a masonry inspector observing the preparation of test specimens and reviewing the test results.


Plan Reading Optional Seminar – In addition to the Structural Masonry Inspection Seminar, TMS also offers a 2 hour seminar on basic plan reading, which is an excellent primer for those preparing for the ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspectors Certification Examination. As part of the course, attendees will have a chance to review a set of plans and take a short quiz if they wish to simulate questions similar to those they may see on the actual certification examination. Since most applicants for the ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspectors Certification Examination have the most difficulty with this portion of the examination, it is highly recommended for those planning to take the examination for the first time, and for those new to plan reading.


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