Masonry Inspection Checklist


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The “Masonry Inspection Checklist” is provided at no cost on TMS’s website as a service to the masonry design, construction, and inspection communities. This checklist represents the significant efforts of TMS’s Construction Practices Committee, who worked on this checklist to try to provide a helpful resource to inspector during construction.

The checklist can be used in whole or in part to suit the needs of a masonry project. The completed document may become part of the job records for that contract. This document serves as a tool for masonry construction inspectors, mason contractors, general contractors, architects and engineers to assist them in assuring compliance with the contract documents. Only those items that relate to masonry construction are included. Items that should be checked are listed without explanation. Not all items will be used on every project, and some projects may use items not listed.

This document is not an inspector’s guide to masonry construction, nor is it a training manual. Rather, it can serve as a basis for the inspector/observer’s daily log. It can be used as a tool to aid masonry inspectors/observers in the performance of their duties.

While this TMS publication has been made available at no charge for an individual’s use, The Masonry Society requests that it not be mass produced (i.e. for seminars), or incorporated in other publications without the expressed written consent of The Masonry Society.

The Masonry Society would appreciate receiving suggestions for improving the checklist. Comments may be submitted by mail to TMS, 105 South Sunset Street, Suite Q Longmont, CO USA 80501-6172, by fax at 303-541-9215, or by e-mail at