Historical Masonry Workshop #5 – Investigation Techniques and Standards


Part 5 of the Historical Masonry Workshop, presented by Ben Harris

Length: 21:28

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This program is intended for any Owner, Architect, Engineer or Contractor who is assessing/purchasing/stabilizing/renovating an existing (especially an historic) building with masonry wall (including load-bearing/non-load-bearing/veneers) such as brick. stone or concrete masonry units. This program will specifically provide attendees with the fundamental skills necessary to understand how the following impact existing masonry structures:

  • Differing Architectural Approaches to Historical Restorations
  • Structural Functions of Masonry Walls
  • Building Code Evaluations of Existing Buildings
  • Investigation Techniques and Standards
  • Mortar Repointing and Crack Repair Techniques
  • Retrofit Veneer Anchor System
  • Lateral Restraint Anchors and Bracing Systems

This program was presented on April, 12, 2013 at the University of Texas – Brownsville Campus. Speakers include Alan Pettingale, Andreas Stavridis, Benchmark Harris, Michael Schuller, and Gordon Shepperd. The recordings listed below can be purchased individually or together at a 25% discount. Parts 1 & 14 are available for free.

TopicLengthRetail PriceMember PricePresenter
Part 1: Introduction to Workshop13:11FreeFree
Part 2: Approaches to Historical Masonry11:18$12$9Ben Harris
Part 3: Structural Engineering 10143:32$60$45Andreas Stavridis
Part 4: Building Code Evaluations of Existing Buildings17:04$24$18Ben Harris
Part 5: Investigation Techniques and Standards21:28$24$18Ben Harris
Part 6: Moisture and Energy Performance59:51$60$45Gordon Shepperd
Part 7: Investigation Considerations18:26$24$18Ben Harris
Part 8: Masonry Crack Repair32:11$32$24Mike Schuller
Part 9: Mortar Repointing and Repair34:27$32$24Alan Pettingale
Part 10: Lateral Restraint Anchors25:23$32$24Mike Schuller
Part 11: Signage on Buildings32:54$32$24Alan Pettingale
Part 12: Strengthening Masonry44:20$60$45Mike Schuller
Part 13: Infestation in Buildings07:04$8$6Alan Pettingale
Part 14: Conclusion01:49FreeFree
Total (Purchase Complete Set)6:02:58$400 $300$300 $225