Online Access to Cast Stone Standards and Sound Standard Now Available

Subscription access to the online versions of Standards for Architectural Cast Stone, 2023 and Sound Standard, 2018 is now available.

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Standards for Architectural Cast Stone contains three standards and their commentaries:

TMS 404: Standard for Design of Architectural Cast Stone covers the design of cast stone systems and elements included in structures or assemblies.

TMS 504: Standard for Fabrication of Architectural Cast Stone covers the fabrication of cast stone systems and elements.

TMS 604: Standard Specification for Installation of Architectural Cast Stone covers the installation of cast stone systems and elements.

Key updates and revisions incorporated by the Committee include:

  • Updates for coordination with other reference standards including updates to reflect changes in ASTM standards and reference to the 2022 edition of ASCE/SEI 7.
  • General cleanup and clarification of provisions and expanded commentary.
  • Introduced new deflection limits of l/600 for cast stone subjected to out-of-plane loads.
  • Removed the historical drying shrinkage limit of 0.000325, replaced by a requirement that drying shrinkage be tested and reported.
  • Minimum thickness requirement of 2.5 inches (64 mm) for all cast stone units.
  • Permitting the use of glass fiber reinforced polymer bars meeting ASTM D7957/C7957M.
  • Minimum qualifications for testing labs and inspection agencies are required to be defined.

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TMS 302-18 Standard Method for Determining Sound Transmission Ratings for Masonry Assemblies provides minimum requirements for rating masonry walls for sound transmission class (STC) and outdoor-indoor transmission class (OITC) based on testing calibrated calculation procedures.

Topics covered include reference standards, definitions and notations, materials, construction, and methods to STC and OITC rating for concrete masonry and clay masonry assemblies.

TMS 302-18 is adopted by reference in the 2021 International Building Code.

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