Legacy Donor Recognition Program

The TMS Legacy Donor Recognition Program was created in 2016 to acknowledge the generosity of donors while creating resources for TMS to advance the knowledge of masonry for a sustainable world, through education, research, and practice. Donors may designate donations to one of the existing funds of TMS and TMS will acknowledge that donation to that fund, while also listing it in the Legacy Donation Recognition rolls. For donors giving a minimum one-time gift of $25,000 or more, an option for creating a new, named fund is offered. TMS will manage all programs and work with donors to determine where or how funds are to be used. The fund was relaunched in 2020, as such, only donations since 2020 are recognized here.

Donors will be recognized for the following Levels of Support:

Legacy Circle — Include TMS in estate plan as a named beneficiary
Named Program — A minimum $25,000 one-time gift
Founders Circle — A minimum of $10,000 one-time gift
Benefactors Circle — A minimum of $5,000 one-time gift
Retainers Circle — An initial gift of minimum $1,000 and a continuing gift of at least $250 per year
Supporters Circle — A gift of minimum $100 per year

Legacy Program Donors

2021 Supporters Circle

  • Ronald J. Hunsicker
  • Rashod Johnson

2020 Supporters Circle

  • Atkinson-Noland & Association
  • Concrete Masonry Association of California & Nevada
  • Canan D’Avela
  • Jame Colville
  • Steve Dill
  • Greg Hess
  • Ronald J. Hunsicker
  • Rashod Johnson
  • Lawrence Kahn
  • Raymond T. Miller
  • Theresa K. Noland
  • Russ Peterson
  • Christine Subasic
  • John Tawresey
  • Miha Tomazevic
  • Scott Walkowicz
  • Joseph C. Welte, Summit Brick Company

Date Updated: September 30, 2021