The Masonry Society’s mission is to advance the knowledge of masonry. As part of this mission, TMS supports educators of all types from university professors to infrequent speakers and mentors.

If you are an educator, we hope we can help you with your special calling while also learning from you. The Masonry Society offers a variety of programs and services for educators including:

Resources, Guides, and Textbooks on TMS 402/602, masonry design, construction, evaluation, and repair:

  • View Textbooks & Course Materials in the store.
  • Visit the Masonry Laboratory Website* for free Virtual Laboratories, which were developed by Dr. Jennifer Tanner and her students at the University of Wyoming. These labs are set up to enhance students’ understanding of basic masonry principles which govern design and construction of masonry structures. They provide students, designers, and any others interested in masonry with a lab experience and offer many resources to further the knowledge of masonry.

*Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported. The videos from these laboratories can be viewed on this page instead.

  • Authorship Opportunities through TMS Journal¬†and the North American Masonry Conference.
  • Contribution and Growth Opportunities through Service on TMS Committees.
  • Recognition Opportunities for Educators and Students through Awards.
  • Scholarship and Minor Grant Opportunities
  • Special offers for Students and Classes through Complimentary E-Memberships for Students and discounts on publications
  • Masonry Educators’ Workshop (MEW), formerly known as the University Professors’ Masonry Workshop (UPMW)
  • Access for TMS Members to past Journals and other valuable research papers and reports