Design professionals are important to The Masonry Society. While producers, contractors, and laborers are already well represented by other masonry associations, TMS aims to assist architects, engineers, and other masonry consultants with design. To do this, TMS develops many resources for the design, evaluation, and repair of masonry.

Members are vital to the Society and design professionals are needed to ensure that TMS can continue to produce these valuable resources. Consider joining TMS to learn and contribute to the advancement of masonry.

Opportunities for Designers

Membership on TMS Committees provides an excellent opportunity to learn about new code requirements, design procedures, and evaluation methods but also offers the opportunity to have your views heard by others in the industry while contributing to the development of new standards, guides, and other educational resources.

Join a Committee

Awards for Designers

TMS recognizes the expertise of design professionals through a number of awards, including the Paul Haller Structural Design Award.

The Haller Award is given to an individual engineer or an engineering firm that has enhanced the knowledge of masonry in practice. This award recognizes the beauty, elegance, and economy of structural masonry projects.

TMS 402/602 Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry StructuresThe Code (TMS 402) covers the design and construction of masonry structures while the Specification (TMS 602) is concerned with minimum construction requirements for masonry in structures.
Masonry Designers’ GuideProvides guidance on using TMS 402/602 and the International Building Code when designing masonry. More than 150 design examples are included in the book.
TMS RespondsPublished periodically to answer common — and sometimes not so common — questions on masonry design, construction, evaluation, and repair of masonry. TMS Responds is free for TMS Members.
Masonry Structures: Behavior and DesignThis textbook includes numerous design examples (based on the strength design method), is ideal for undergraduate and graduate level courses, and an excellent reference for practicing designers.
Assessment and Retrofit of Masonry StructuresProvides background, reference material, and guidance for addressing existing masonry construction.
Guide for Condition Assessment of Masonry FacadesProvides excellent background on the evaluation existing masonry.
Design and Construction Guidelines for Dry-Stack Concrete MasonryCovers the design and construction of dry-stack concrete masonry structures constructed from hollow units. Among the subjects covered are history, fire resistance, quality assurance, materials, and more