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Todd Dailey

Role: Consultant,Speaker
Consultant/Speaker Type: Individual Specialist
Office Location: Onsted, MI
Email Address: todddailey@me.com
Phone Number: (517) 467-9000
Bio/Firm Description: Todd Dailey is currently CEO and owner for a consulting engineering firm that was formed in the fall of 1993. The focus of the company includes both the design and construction observation of new buildings as well as the investigation of non-performing or problematic masonry buildings and masonry components. Todd has over 30 years of engineering experience. MASONRY AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING CONSULTING SERVICES: • Site visits and investigations and associated report preparation. • Temporary masonry wall bracing design. • Evaluations of compliance to building codes. • Stone anchorage design. • Structural reviews and design. • Expert witness.
Speciality/Specialities: Engineering Services, Structural Design Services, "The Practical Design of Temporary Masonry Wall Bracing"
Willing to Work in (Country): US
Willing to Work in (US States and Territories): Alabama,Montana,Alaska,Nebraska,Nevada,Arizona,New Hampshire,Arkansas,New Jersey,California,New Mexico,Colorado,New York,Connecticut,North Carolina,Delaware,North Dakota,District of Columbia,Florida,Ohio,Georgia,Oklahoma,Oregon,Hawaii,Pennsylvania,Idaho,Illinois,Rhode Island,Indiana,South Carolina,Iowa,South Dakota,Kansas,Tennessee,Kentucky,Texas,Louisiana,Maine,Utah,Maryland,Vermont,Massachusetts,Virginia,Michigan,Washington,Minnesota,West Virginia,Mississippi,Wisconsin,Missouri,Wyoming
Work Online: Willing to present Webinars/Online Offerings