Construction Pros

Masons, contractors, inspectors, testing technicians and manufacturers are keys to quality masonry construction.

Masons build our dreams — our homes, the buildings we work in, and the buildings we play and pray in. They are critical Members of the Society, keeping our designs realistic, yet challenging, and helping to support the research that moves the industry forward. They teach us the importance of drawing details to scale to ensure that designs can be constructed.

Joining them is a host of other construction professional that include masonry testing technicians and the special inspectors who assist in quality assurance programs.

While other organizations also represent mason contractors and labor, TMS needs and values their expertise. The Society enjoys the membership of many mason contractors.

Learn more about membership and its benefits and find out how to get involved in committees, including Construction Practices Committee and TMS 402/602.

In addition to being a venue through which they can come together to network and learn, the Construction Practices Committee develops useful resources for construction professionals.

TMS also sponsors and hosts a variety of educational seminars and workshops including: