Cast Stone Committee (CSC) — DISBANDED

The Cast Stone Committee was disbanded at the 2023 TMS Annual Meeting after completing new standards. It will be re-formed if revisions are needed.


David N. Owen (Term Ends 2023)


Establish and maintain appropriate industry standards in the design and construction of cast stone products in structures and infrastructure and disseminate knowledge regarding those practices.

Goals and Activities

The Cast Stone Committee is charged with establishing and maintaining standards for the design and construction of cast stone products through TMS’s ANSI consensus process, along with associated commentary; disseminate technical knowledge and best practices through appropriate TMS publications; and develop educational programs and seminars as necessary to achieve these objectives.

The Committee has recently developed Standards for Architectural Cast Stone which contains three standards and their commentaries:

  • Standard for the Design of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 404)
  • Standard for the Fabrication of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 504)
  • Standard for the Installation of Architectural Cast Stone (TMS 604)