2012 Haller Award Presented to John G. Tawresey

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John G. Tawresey was selected as the winner of the 2012 TMS Haller Award by the Design Practices Committee.
John G. Tawresey was selected as the winner of the 2012 TMS Haller Award by the Design Practices Committee.

Mr. Benchmark Harris, Chair of The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Design Practices Committee presented the 2012 TMS Paul Haller Structural Design Award to Mr. John G. Tawresey at TMS’s Annual Meeting in Greenville, SC on September 15, 2012. The award, which is named after Professor Paul Haller, a dynamic engineer who helped revolutionize the design of structural masonry, is presented to an individual engineer or an engineering firm that has designed outstanding works of structural masonry engineering. The award recognizes the beauty, elegance, and economy of structural masonry projects. During the presentation of the Award, Harris noted that Tawresey is the perfect recipient of the Award considering his distinguished career as a Structural Engineer and his expertise in using structural masonry. The following excerpts are from Mr. Harris’s presentation:

“In the 1980s, John participated in a research group that tested and verified the use of 4 in. load bearing brick masonry walls as a structural system. The researchers’ intent was for this system to be used in residential construction. John worked to have the Uniform Building Code changed to have the 4 in. load bearing brick masonry wall recognized as an acceptable structural system. He estimates that he was involved in the construction of 250 residences using this system. John also took part in the development of 4 in. brick masonry structural curtain wall panels. These panels have been used in several hundred buildings, some as high as thirty stories. John wrote papers outlining the design criteria. He identified the use of structurally reinforced brick veneer as a direct outcome of this work. Presently, KPFF has several projects in Salt Lake City that utilize reinforced brick veneers.

Finally, John identified his work in thin stone veneer development with several coworkers. The thin stone veneer is approximately 3 cm (1-3/16 in.) and held in place with aluminum clips located in kerfs cut into the stone.

John has also used his knowledge and expertise to teach and mentor others. He has, for example, taught a class on structural masonry for 28 years at the University of Washington.

Two significant masonry designs that John as worked on that I would like to highlight are:

– Salt Lake City downtown development – Several blocks of development in Salt Lake City featuring brick masonry unitized curtain wall panels and hanging brick masonry.

– Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Oregon – Construction of a hospital utilizing structural brick veneer.

For other projects, John referred me to his resume, which is included with this memorandum.”

Mr. Tawresey accepts the Haller Award from Ben Harris, Chairman of the DPC.
Mr. Tawresey accepts the Haller Award from Ben Harris, Chairman of the DPC.

Mr. Tawresey is the both a Professional Engineer and a Structural Engineer and he currently serves as Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at KPFF Consulting Engineers . Mr. Tawresey has helped build The Masonry Society, serving in numerous leadership roles including, President, member of the Board of Directors, TMS Journal Editor, and member of many Committees including the Masonry Standards Joint Committee. For his tremendous support and his many accomplishments, he was awarded the TMS President’s Award in 1991, and he was made a Fellow Member of TMS in 2005. He has also been very active in many other organizations, and served as President of the Structural Engineering Institute and Chairman of the Structural Engineers Association of Washington Code Advisory Committee.