Outstanding Paper Awards at the 10th NAMC

TMS presented awards to recognize outstanding papers presented at the 12th North American Masonry Conference in St. Louis, MO in 2007.

Award Recipients

  • Effect of Axial Stress and Aspect Ratio on Lateral Strength of URM Walls by Joshua Steelman and  Daniel P. Abrams
  • Finite Element Modeling of Slender Post-Tensioned Masonry Walls Subject to Out-of-Plane Lateral Loading by Jennifer R. Bean and Arturo E. Schultz
  • Eccentric Loading of Solid Brickwork: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches by A. Brencich, C. Corradi, and L. Gambarotta

Honorable Mention

  • Torsion Shear Test for Mortar Joints in Masonry: Preliminary Experimental Results by Mark J. Masia, Yan Han, Christie J. Player, Marcio R. S. Correa, and Adrian W. Page
  • Design Performance of a Mid-Rise Reinforced Masonry Building Subjected to Unanticipated Loads by Can C. Simsir, Anurag Jain, Alexis P. Dumortier, and Gary C. Hart
  • Behaviour of Wide Cavity Walls under Lateral Loading by Gabi Bertram, Dirk R. W. Martens, and Bright Ng’Andu
  • Design Proposal of Confined Masonry Buildings by Angel San BartolomĂ© and Daniel Quiun