2019 James L. Noland Student Fellowship

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The Masonry Society’s Scholarship Committee presented the 2019 James L. Noland Student Fellowship to Samira Rizaee, E.I.T., MSc, PhD Candidate​ researching Manufactured Thin Stone Bond​ under the direction of Dr. Nigel Shrive at the University of Calgary. During the award prseentation, Michael Schuller on behalf of the Scholarships Committee noted “This research addresses one of the more recent types of masonry units, one that has rapidly increased in use, especially in the residential market. This has the opportunity to validate the requirements introduced into building codes by Walt Dickey and Gregg Borchelt. Those requirements were not based on tests, but were decided by committee decisions of logic and expectations. So the value of this project is high. Thin veneer masonry units are made from a variety of materials are applied to a variety of substrates. The basic information derived from this project will be useful in many of these combinations.”

Established in 1995 to honor the memory of James L. Noland, the Noland Fellowship is awarded every four years to a graduate student who is doing research on masonry. This research can be in materials, structures, architecture or construction and must be performed under the direction of a member of The Masonry Society.

The current value of the award is $3,000 US. It is hoped, that with continued donations to the Scholarship, that interest earned will be sufficient to generate another award in 2 years, and eventually every year, or perhaps at a larger scholarship amount. To make a tax deductable donation to the scholarship, click here.

Samira Rizaee, winner of the 2019 James Noland Student Scholarship
Samira Rizaee, winner of the 2019 James Noland Student Scholarship