Past Recipients of the TMS Journal Outstanding Paper Award

Volume 19, Number 1

“Testing and Codification of Partially Grout-filled Nominally-reinforced Concrete Masonry Subjected to In-plane Cyclic Loads,” Jason M. Ingham, Barry J. Davidson, David R. Brammer, Kok C. Voon

Volume 18, Number 2

“Proposed Provisions for Design of Anchorage to Masonry,” Richard Allen, J. Gregg Borchelt, Richard E. Klingner, Rob Zobel

Volume 15, Number 2

“Masonry Foundation Wall Systems Under Combined Uplift and Shear Forces,” W. Mark McGinley and Matthew J. Scolforo

Volume 15, Number 1

“Nondestructive Evaluation of Masonry Structures Using the Impact-Echo Method,” Tamara J. Williams, Mary Sansalone, William B. Streett, Randall W. Poston, and A. Rhett Whitlock

Volume 14, Number 2

“Behavior of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Under Lateral (Cyclic) Loading,” Yan Zhuge, John Corderoy and David Thambiratnam

Volume 11, Number 1

“Stability of Hollow Masonry Walls,” James Colville

Volume 9, Number 1

“Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Wall Structures 6 Cyclic Loading,” Frieder Seible, Gregory R. Kingsley, and Henriette L. LaRovere

Volume 9, Number 1

“Seismic Response of T-Section Masonry Shear Walls,” M.J. Nigel Priestley and He Limin

Volume 7, Number 2

“The Use of Confinement Steel to Increase the Ductility in Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls,” Gary C. Hart, James L. Noland, Gregory R. Kingsley, Robert E. Englekirk, and Niaz Ahmed Sajjad

Volume 6, Number 2

“Masonry Panel Wall Design,” Clayford T. Grimm

Volume 6, Number 1

“Bond Stress and Slip in Masonry Reinforced with Spliced Reinforcement,” Z. Soric and L.G. Tulin