Laboratory Modules

Module A: Masonry Construction

Lab 1 - Construction of Masonry Walls and Prisms Lab 2 – Construction of Masonry Arches

Module B: Masonry Testing

Lab 3 – Evaluation of Bond Strength Lab 4 – Evaluation of Compressive Strength Lab 5 –Evaluation of Arches Lab 6 – Non-Destructive Evaluation

Thesis By John M. Coombs Download


This virtual laboratory was developed at the University of Wyoming by:

John Coombs ( and Jennifer Tanner (


A special thanks to the financial sponsors of this virtual laboratory:

Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

Portland Cement Association

National Concrete Masonry Education and Research Foundation


Technical support was provided by:

Atkinson-Noland & Associates

Mark Daigle

The Masonry Society

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