Special Inspection of Structural Masonry Webinar Series

These sessions discusses special inspection duties, masonry materials, construction, and protection items to be observed and verified by special inspections. Additionally, other topics of interest including testing, introduction to code requirements, and more are reviewed. This series provides excellent preparation for the ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspection Examination.

Anyone who is, or plans to become, a Structural Masonry Special Inspection will find this series helpful, as will those otherwise involved with special inspection and testing of masonry.

A comprehensive set of handout materials based on the presentations is provided. Viewers are encouraged to have access to the IBC, TMS 402/602, the Reinforced Concrete Masonry Construction Inspector’s Handbook, and ASTM Standards to maximize their learning, especially if planning to take the ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspection examination.

These presentations are targeted toward inspectors and field testing technicians but mason contractors, materials suppliers, building code officials, engineers, architects, and laboratory personnel will also find them informative

Viewers will learn about structural masonry code inspection requirements, proper placement of materials, mortar and grout composition, how to determine the compressive strength of masonry, and appropriate severe weather procedures. This comprehensive series is aimed at helping inspectors, testing technicians, engineers, and building officials identify and verify key quality assurance items on the job site.

Special Inspection of Structural Masonry Sessions

1 – Introduction to Special Inspection, the 2018 IBC, and TMS 402/602, Presented by Phillip Samblanet
2 – Introduction to Masonry Units (with the prime focus being concrete masonry and clay units), Presented by John Chrysler
3 – Reinforcement and Connectors, Presented by Phillip Samblanet
4 – Mortar and Mortar Mixing, Presented by Jamie Farny
5 – Grout, Presented by Jamie Farny
6 – Basic Masonry Construction including tolerances and movement joints, Presented by John Chrysler
7 – Reinforcing and Grouting, Presented by Phillip Samblanet
8 – Hot and Cold Weather Construction, Presented by Jamie Farny
9 – Testing, Presented by John Chrysler


Non-Members: $75 per webinar recording or $500 for all 9 sessions
TMS Members: $50 per webinar recording or $375 for all 9 sessions