TMS 402/602 Committee Membership Applications Open

As TMS 402/602-22 works to complete their responses and revisions to Public Comments, TMS is preparing for the next Committee revision cycle under the leadership of Scott W. Walkowicz. If you would like to be considered for the next Committee, please see the information below.

2028 TMS 402/602 Code Cycle

Thank you for your interest in serving on the TMS 402/602 Code Committee! We appreciate your willingness to help, and are hopeful, if selected, that you will find the experience rewarding.

Please recognize that the formation of committee memberships is an important and difficult task. To ensure that the committee meets ANSI requirements, and to ensure that membership is active, certain rules must be met. As such, voting membership cannot always be granted to all interested individuals because of “balance” requirements (see the Membership Type & Classification section for more information). We will do our best however, to fit your interests and requests with the Committee needs. Please also review the Responsibilities of Committee Members section to help determine if you are interested in full voting membership or corresponding membership on the committee.

Also, please note that the Committee cycle length will be 6-years, and committee membership is expected to remain consistent throughout the cycle length. In recognition of the cycle length, there will be a brief period of evaluation, and potential membership adjustment, near the mid-point of the cycle. Please plan to serve the full cycle.

If you have questions about these responsibilities, or if you have questions about the work of the TMS 402/602 Committee, please contact Phillip Samblanet at The Masonry Society or Scott Walkowicz, TMS 402/602 Chair for the 2028 Code Cycle.

Phillip Samblanet –, phone: 303-939-9700
Scott Walkowicz –, phone: 517-648-9319

Create an account or log in if you would like to be able to save your application as a draft. Otherwise, continue to the application below.  If selected for the committee, a user account will be required to participate in balloting and other committee business.

Please complete the form at the link below by January 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET to apply for voting or corresponding membership on the TMS 402/602 Committee. As there are likely to be more applications than open membership slots, the Committee may be unable to offer memberships to all of those who express interest in them.

Apply for Committee Membership