Limitations on Protected TMS Publication Files

The Masonry Society uses a proprietary software system called Locklizard to protect its online standards and publications. If you are interested in downloading any of these products, be advised:

  • The Locklizard software is required to open protected downloads. These files are provided in PDC format, which is not supported by other PDF software.
  • The following operating systems are supported by Locklizard:
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • iOS
    • Android
  • You should not purchase a downloadable document if you operating system is other than the above.
  • You are provided 2 licenses so that you can install the software and view documents on 2 devices, such as your computer and a tablet, provided they have the above operating systems.
    • You cannot register the software on more than 2 devices.
    • Licenses cannot be transferred between systems by the user.
      • Contact TMS if you need to de-activate or transfer a license.
  • Downloads are limited to personal use and cannot be installed on server computers for access by multiple individuals.
  • Locklizard licenses are tied to your User Account. You must be logged into a User Account in order to purchase a protected document. If you do not have an account you can create one at the time of purchase or register here.
  • Printing of the protected documents is not permitted and is disabled by the Locklizard software.
  • Screen capturing of the documents is permitted. You may use screen capture software to take screenshots of a portion of the document for your personal or educational use.
  • The Locklizard software requires you to access the document while connected to the internet at least once every 7 days. This allows you limited access to the document offline or in the field. After this period, you must open the document while connected to the internet in order to check the validity of your license.
  • Carefully follow the instructions you will receive by email in order to download the software and access the document. TMS staff will, as time permits, try to help with download concerns, but if after ½ hours of staff time support, the software cannot be successfully loaded to your device, TMS will refund your purchase and revoke your Locklizard license.
  • Orders of protected publications are refundable for 5 business days from the time of purchase.

A list publications available for download can be found in the eStore.