Strength Design of Masonry


Strength design was added to TMS 402 Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures in 2002. However, most masonry is still designed by the Allowable Stress Design method. Strength design generally results in more efficient designs than with Allowable Stress Design. This webinar will review the design assumptions for strength design, and look at the design of beams, bearing walls, and shear walls using strength design. Practical design methods and tips will be provided for each member type, and examples will illustrate the design process. The results of each design will be compared to allowable stress design. This webinar will provide the engineer with the tools necessary to begin using strength design for masonry, and realizing the benefits it can offer.

This webinar was originally presented on October 12, 2017. Purchasing this product will grant you access to the webinar recording and a PDF of the presentation. Certificates of attendance are not available for this webinar recording.

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