Special Inspection of Structural Masonry Webinar


Special inspection is increasingly being required on structural masonry construction projects, and it will likely become commonplace in the coming years. Minimum requirements for Special Inspection and Quality Assurance of masonry recently were updated and modified in TMS 402/602-16. This webinar will overview special inspection, review changes, and highlight key inspection tasks. Tips for preparing a quality assurance plan by the design team will be given, and key inspection items will be reviewed so that contractors and inspectors understand the importance of ensuring compliance of these items.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify key elements of the building code related to masonry construction and inspection
  2. Interpret the IBC and TMS 402.602 as they relate to special inspection of masonry construction
  3. Evaluate construction and field inspection techniques
  4. Recognize the critical elements of structural masonry inspection

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