Outstanding Paper Awards at the 12th NAMC

TMS presented awards to recognize outstanding papers presented at the 12th North American Masonry Conference in Denver, CO in 2015.

Award Recipients

  • Challenges in Modeling Out-of-Plane Seismic Response of Existing Masonry Buildings by Paulo Lourenco,  Daniel P. Abrams, Nuno Mendes, Alexandre Costa, and Alfredo Campos Costa
  • Conventional Concrete Blocks Manufactured Using Sequestered Carbon Dioxide by Sean Monkman and Mark MacDonald
  • A Study on the out-of-Plane Stability of Ductile Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls Subjected to In-Plane Reversed Cyclic Loading by Brook Robazza,  Svetlana Brzev,  Kenneth J. Elwood, Donald L. Anderson, T.Y. Yang, and Bill McEwen
  • The Hygrothermal, Energy and Long Term Performance Benefits of Masonry Exterior Wall Assemblies: An Owner’s Perspective by Annette Cyphers and Carly Wagner

Honorable Mention

  • Flexural Behavior of Ungrouted Post-Tensioned Masonry Beams with Eccentric, Unbonded Tendons by John Mario Garcia Giraldo, Ricardo Leon Bonett Diaz, Christian Ledezma Araya, and Arturo E Schultz
  • Reliability of Plastic Hinge Models for Reinforced Concrete & Reinforced Concrete Block Structural Walls by Ahmad Siam,  Marwan Shedid,  Yiping Guo, and Wael El-Dakhakhni
  • Evaluation of the Influence of Self-Reinforced Concrete Block on Ductility of a Shear Wall by Madeleine Joyal, M.J. Tait, and Robert G. Drysdale
  • The Size Effect in Reinforced Masonry Structures by Salah R. Sarhat and Edward G. Sherwood