The Masonry Society Seeks Executive Director

The Masonry Society (TMS) is seeking a new Executive Director to replace the retiring Director. Founded in 1977, TMS has grown and is seeking a leader to build upon that growth and continue to elevate the prominence of the Society. The Executive Director leads TMS through the execution of our strategic plan and facilitates advancement of knowledge on masonry by working with our members and partners.

The ideal candidate for this position will be a strategic leader, with well-rounded management capabilities and a passion for masonry. We have a dynamic and engaged volunteer base and are looking for an Executive Director eager to support us.

About TMS

The Masonry Society is an educational, scientific, and technical society dedicated to the advancement of scientific, engineering, architectural, and construction knowledge of masonry.

The Society is a not-for-profit, membership-driven organization that gathers, creates, and disseminates information for the improvement of the design, construction, manufacture, use, and maintenance of masonry products and structures.

As part of these efforts, TMS develops standards, guides, and other resources; educates through seminars, workshops, conferences; and collaborates with the construction industry, design profession, and other leaders desiring to see a better and more resilient built environment.

Mission Statement and Goals

TMS’s mission is to advance masonry knowledge, its development and application. Our goals are:

  • Collaborate with and engage the global masonry community
  • Aggregate and expand masonry information
  • Provide education and disseminate knowledge
  • Sustain and advance a vibrant Society

Our strategic plan and bylaws are available to interested candidates at the following:

Executive Director Role

The Executive Director leads the Society, working closely with the President, Board of Directors, and other key leaders in establishing and meeting our overall goals. The Executive Director reports to the President of the Society, works closely with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and has three primary areas of responsibility:

  • Resource Development: initiate, coordinate, and support resource development such as standards, guides, webinars, workshops, conferences, website resources, and other educational offerings consistent with the TMS strategic plan, in partnership with TMS Committees and consultants.
  • Relationship Management: develop and steward connections with TMS Members and partners for effective, productive, and enjoyable working relationships that include providing an environment for the volunteer members to develop, share, and disseminate knowledge.
  • Administrative Management: manage and supervise the affairs of TMS in accordance with TMS Bylaws, TMS approved budgets, and with strategic advice from the Board of Directors, in partnership with TMS’s Executive Committee and staff.

Position Description

In executing the responsibilities for resource development, relationship management, and administrative management of TMS, the Executive Director manages the functioning of TMS through a combination of personal leadership, staff guidance, and collaboration with highly engaged subject matter experts, as follows:

A.  Be a spokesperson for the organization, in collaboration with the President, Executive Committee, Board of Directors and committee chairs;
B.  Provide guidance and continuity related to the TMS mission and strategic priorities and maintain institutional knowledge across Board of Directors and Presidential terms of service;
C.  Implement a planning and execution process whereby TMS’s Board of Directors and staff, in coordination with partners and stakeholders, meet organizational goals in a measurable and timely manner;
D.  Facilitate dissemination of information essential or useful to the mission of TMS to the Board of Directors, officers, members and other components and partners of TMS;
E.  Serve as a communication conduit between the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, standing committees, and technical committees to ensure follow-up, avoid duplication, and achieve strategic directives. Coordinate committee and Board of Directors activities to ensure adequate resources are provided to volunteers to accomplish organizational goals;
F.  Provide oversight and guidance for the management of TMS’s budget and finances in consultation with the Treasurer and Executive Committee. TMS’s resources include our endowment fund, fellowship and scholarship funds, special projects, and grants from partner organizations;
G.  Lead TMS in effectively and efficiently meeting the Board-approved budget, while managing external requests and communications;
H.  Effectively manage contracts and cooperative agreements with industry, governmental, public, and private entities in performance of TMS programs;
I.  Support the Board and members in representing TMS at other national and international conferences and meetings that relate to the strategic priorities of TMS, in ways that build on, and use, national and international networks to achieve concrete results;
J.  Work to grow a diverse membership and retain members.


A.  Self-motivated and driven professional who leads and inspires others by example.
B.  A strategic, visionary, and goal-oriented leader with strong presentation and communication skills and the capability to serve as the face of the organization.
C.  Effective team leader with the ability to supervise staff, the Society membership, and collaborators; anticipate needs; analyze options; develop recommendations; and perform timely execution.
D.  Relevant post-secondary education and 10 years working in the AEC profession with a preference to those having masonry experience.   Not-for-profit management experience preferred, or the ability to secure training or credentialling in association management.
E.  Ability to successfully secure funding and cultivate relationships with funders, sponsors, and partners.
F.  Enthusiasm for developing relationships with the professional community and growing the membership, particularly in underrepresented populations and locations.
G.  Skilled and experienced in leading, empowering, mentoring and developing highly effective volunteer teams at the committee and Board of Director level.
H.  Strong business skills and related experience in financial planning and budgeting, forecasting, reporting, revenue generation, and operational management.
I.  Ability to delegate and manage multiple demands and priorities.
J.  Proficiency with computer software (Word, Excel, Quickbooks, PDF applications) and virtual work platforms (e.g., Zoom, Google Workspaces).

Compensation and Other Information

  • Full-time position. Salary range of $150,000 – $180,000 (USD) per year, commensurate with and negotiable based on qualifications. Ability to travel required, with expenses covered by the Society. Competitive benefits provided.
  • Applicant’s geographic location can be anywhere in the United States, although the physical office is located in Colorado.
  • Expected start date: May 2024.
  • References will be required for finalists.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

Please submit a letter of application, including qualifications, and a resume or CV below.